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Essential Waxing Accessories According to Each Wax Type

April 20, 2021

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Waxing AccessoriesWaxing accessories are essential to perform any type of treatment. They prepare the wax, facilitate application and clean-up. What are you waiting for to stock your wax bar with different devices? In this blog post, we'll tell you all about the different accessories you must get, and which ones go with every wax type: hard wax, soft wax, and roll-ons.

Accessories for Hard Wax

Hard wax is rather easy to use but it's necessary to have a few accessories to enhance the process for both the professional and the client.
Waxing Accessories WarmersWax heater
It's essential to count on a professional wax heater since they have the settings and features that allow the wax to be melted evenly and easily, without the hassles that you would go through if you heated the beads on the stove or a microwave.

Waxing Accessories SpatulasWax heaters come in a variety of types. The classic wax heater for hard waxes has a central spot for the aluminum wax pot, which is where you'll pour the hard wax beads to melt. Most pots have a capacity of 400 ml. but others have a larger capacity (1.1 gallon/4 L) and they're great for bigger wax bars. Other warmers are double so that two pots can be heated at once.

As far as the functioning is concerned, wax heaters are pretty straightforward. Just plug the heater and place the pot with the hard wax beads in the heating spot, then turn the thermostat knob to the maximum and wait around 25 minutes until the wax is fully melted. To keep the wax warm, turn the knob to the middle position.

Wooden spatulas
Spatulas are essential for easy and accurate wax application. They come in different sizes and they're meant to be disposed of with each application to avoid double dipping.

These spatulas are made with high-quality material and they are suitable for accurate application on large or small areas.
Waxing Accessories for Soft Wax

Accessories for Soft Wax

Soft wax uses more accessories than hard wax, but it's worth investing in all of them to ensure that using it is a lot easier.

Wax heaters
Most wax heaters are good for both soft and hard wax. Single warmers usually have an adapter to place the wax can. Double warmers usually have a double function as well, and they can warm two soft wax cans at once or one soft wax can as well as hard wax in a pot. Other good warmers for soft wax cans are combo wax devices, which can support all types of wax (soft, hard or roll-ons) at once.

Waxing Accessories EpilatingEpilating strips
There can't be a soft wax procedure without epilating strips. You need them to attach to the wax so you can rip hairs out. There are two basic types of strips: muslin and non-woven. Muslin strips are more resistant and bend better to the body's contours, but non-woven strips offer great quality as well, and they're more economical, which can mean better management of costs. Non-woven strips come in rolls (to cut to the desired size) or pre-cut strips. These strips don't tear, shred or leave residue.
Waxing Accessories HandleCan handle and spatula holder
Soft wax cans can be difficult to handle once they're fully melted, so can handles are designed to fit tightly around the can and allow to transport it safely, without the risk of burns. The shape of the handle also allows the spatula to rest. This can handle is made of durable metal and it's very practical.

Paper collars
These accessories are also used on wax cans to make them safer to use for the technician, as well as protect the wax warmer from drips and stains. These paper collars are perfect for wax cans.

Wax remover
Whether you're using soft or hard wax, they'll leave drips and residue on the wax warmer. You have to clean the device periodically to ensure that it lasts for a lot longer in optimal conditions, but not any cleanser will do. We recommend Fast Net Cleanser, a solvent without harsh ingredients that cleans wax residue gently on any surface (plastic or metal warmers, floors, countertops, furniture, and more) without degrading the material, and leaving a pleasant lemon fragrance.
Waxing Accessories for Roll-Ons

Accessories for Roll-Ons

Roll-ons are a different presentation for soft wax. The roll leaves an even, thin film of soft wax on the skin without the use of spatulas, so it offers practical application. Whenever you can, using roll-ons instead of soft wax from the can will offer effective waxing with less hassle.

Standard heater applicators
It's essential to have a heater applicator if you choose to use roll-ons for your waxing treatments. This device warms up roll-on cartridges and keeps them at a constant temperature and can be used with a different roll-on device, the base for roll-ons.

Facial heater applicators
The perfect device for mini roll-ons (0.9 fl oz or 25 ml), this applicator is wonderful for areas that require precision. Eyebrow and upper lip waxing is easy and practical with this device. It functions in a similar way to standard applicators, heating a cartridge in about 2o-30 minutes and maintaining its temperature for 30-40 minutes.
Related Post About Waxing AccessoriesBases for roll-ons
Bases hold several roll-ons to heat at the same time. The double base has two slots for heater applicators (standard or mini), which can me heated and kept at optimal temperature. The base for eight roll-ons has two rows: the front row heats the roll-ons completely, and the back row keeps them on stand-by to heat halfway or to keep warm. You can also get a better deal: a double base plus two heater applicators in a value pack.

Waxing Accessories Roll-On HolderSystem wax warmers
We mentioned system devices before. They function like multiple devices in one, being able to hold soft wax cans, hard wax, and roll-ons. These practical devices have individual controls for each type of warmer and they help reduce the hassle of having different machines for each type of wax.

System wax contains two slots for continued use of roll-ons and four additional slots for standby, plus two heater applicators. Also, it has a central warmer for soft wax cans or hard wax.

Combi Wax also contains three slots for roll-ons (but the heater applicators are not included). Plus, the central heater for soft or hard wax.

Waxing Accessories Roll-On HeadsRoll-on heads
These pieces adapt to different kinds of roll-ons, like facial roll-ons for upper lip and eyebrows. They help achieve flawless application on these small areas. They are made of durable plastic and adapt to small (0.90/0.40 oz) bottles.
Finally, to protect your hands from the heat while waxing or keep hot roll-ons, you can get plastic roll-on holders . These are made from durable and flexible plastic.

Did you know there were so many accessories for each type of wax? we're glad we helped you broaden your knowledge of waxing accessories and hope they will make your practice a lot easier and more effective. If you are looking for a wide range of waxing accessories, look no further than Beauty Image. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this site to learn about our products for professional estheticians. Subscribe to the newsletter to get the latest news about us right in your inbox!

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