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Easy Steps to Keep Your Wax Room Clean

November 07, 2018

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Wax Room With implement for CleaningDoes keeping your wax room clean seem like an overwhelming task? It doesn't have to be. Everything in your wax room from the floor and walls to the wax heater can look impeccable without much effort if you follow some easy advice.

  1. Keep all instruments and supplies clean.
  2. All metal and reusable instruments and tools need to be disinfected frequently in an autoclave for safety and health reasons. All furniture must look impeccable, spray them with a cleaner and wipe them up at least once a day. The beds must be properly covered with clean linen for each client. The floors, beds, and all work surfaces have to be cleaned with hospital grade sanitizer. Do not forget the reception area! The whole place should look pristine and be disinfected periodically.

    Last but not least, make sure that all supplies are properly stored to avoid humidity, dust, and heat. That way you will preserve your supplies for longer and guarantee that they are in optimal conditions for your clients. Whenever possible, open the supplies and instruments in front of your client, to show them that they can trust they are only being used on them.

     Esthetician in Wax Room Washing Her Hands
  3. Don't forget to sanitize your hands at all times
  4. Before and after attending to every client, you must sanitize your hands thoroughly and then wear gloves. Again, slip on the gloves and discard them in front of the client to reassure them that they are safe and all hygiene practices in your wax room are reliable.

  5. Be as clean and organized as possible while you work.
  6. As you gain more experience, you will have more control over how much material you use (paper strips, spatulas, masks, wax, etc.) and probably diminish the amount of trash produced. This will translate into savings since you will use less material. Do not leave things around, always keep them in the same place (a trolley or workstation near the bed). Your clients will appreciate your attention to detail and feel much safer around you.

  7. Don't forget about your wax heaters.
  8. Dripping, smeared wax heaters yell "these wax technicians do not attend to detail! They might even be double dipping, beware!" You don't want your client to watch you spread wax from a dirty heater onto them; they will find it disgusting. Use a special cleaner to remove all wax residue gently. Your equipment will be in optimal condition for years and your clients will feel safe about the hygiene in your salon. Check our special post about wax heater maintenance.
    Wax Room Hygiene
  9. Choose furniture with plenty of storage space.
  10. Waxing involves quite a few instruments and materials, so you need enough space available. Get beautiful and functional furniture to showcase some decoration for your wax room while you keep your essentials stored away.

    Cabinets with glass doors, corner tables with drawers, shelves and workstations will help define the décor style in your wax room and keep everything looking tidy.
    Wax Room Cleaner Product
  11. Get several trolleys.
  12. You are going to need at least one trolley that you can push along as you work. it will help you reach all the materials you are using without going back and forth to a workstation. This type of trolley is a good option: it is durable, practical, and does not take much space. There is a variety of trolleys for spas and wax rooms! You got all kinds of designs: with doors, with glass tops, several shelves, and extensible sections. They come in a variety of finishes: wooden, sleek black acrylic, tempered glass or plastic.

    Another advantage of trolleys is that they will allow you to easily change the appearance of your wax room.

    Wax Room Woman Ready to Clean
  13. Place trash bins in several spots around the room.
  14. You will need a trash bin close to you while you work on clients; you cannot waste time going back and forth to discard wax strips and spatulas while your client waits! Bins on either side of your bed is convenient and clean. add one or two more near the entrance to facilitate taking out the trash during general cleaning.

  15. Establish a cleaning schedule.
  16. Take a few minutes during the break to do a tidy-up round. You can also take one day a week for deep cleaning. Planning will help you stay organized and provide a better service.

We hope this advice helps you with the maintenance of your wax room. For more information, visit our previous post to read about the 5 habits that are messing up your wax room hygiene.

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