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Common Waxing Myths and Facts

November 13, 2015

ponle-waxing Waxing can be intimidating especially when it comes to removing all the unwanted hairs. First-time waxers need not be scared, below, we'll debunk the myths and confirm the facts that should set you straight on the road to better skin, fewer hairs, and proper techniques. Take a look at the myths and facts below, and learn a little something new about hair, waxing, and exfoliating!

MYTH: Never wax the top of your brows
Everyone's face and brows are different, and there are no two brows are alike! Depending on what works best for your shape, waxing a few strays above the brow line can help create a more symmetrical and tidy look.

MYTH: you have to wait for the hair to grow out until it's very long before waxing
The hair growth only needs to be inch for body hair, and 1/8 inch for eyebrows. Most people will achieve inch hair growth in as little as two weeks. We recommend waxing every month for the best results.

MYTH: you don't need to exfoliate, as waxing does it for you
Waxing does a bit of the job, taking some dead skin cells from the first layer of skin, but this does not make up for a proper exfoliation. A nice way to prep your skin for a waxing is a wash and mild exfoliation. This is a great way to prevent bumps and ingrown hairs.

MYTH: using a tanning bed after a wax is okay
Post-wax, your skin becomes a bit delicate, so it is better avoid direct sources of heat. Pass on the tanning beds for a day or two to prevent burning. While you're at it, the same goes for saunas, steam rooms, Jacuzzis, and hot exercise rooms.

MYTH: the more you wax, the fewer ingrown hairs you'll have
Waxing has many benefits, but this one is a complete myth! Ingrown hairs grow below the skin's surface and, unless cared for properly, can come back after each wax. You can prevent this with special creams and exfoliants.

FACT: waxing makes hairs grow in fewer and more finely with each visit.
With each waxing, your hair does becomes finer (as long as you do it regularly). Keep waxing on a monthly basis and you'll see the difference it makes.

FACT: after waxing, your pores are exposed..
Waxing will cause the pores to open, thus leaving the skin slightly vulnerable. The area should be kept clean and nourished with special post-wax lotions to keep the skin smooth and supple.

FACT: waxing will keep your skin hair-free for weeks at a time!
When you wax, the hair is removed from the root, and should give you hair-free skin for about three weeks, on average. New hairs will begin to appear at this point and within a week of regrowth, you'll be ready for your next wax.

Waxing doesn't have to be a torture! So pamper yourself. Make the whole process a treat with some fancy products like the ones we have in stock. We have everything from pre-waxing sprays to our lush post-waxing foams that will leave your skin moisturized, supple, and glowing!

Whether you're getting your waxing done by yourself or with a pro at the salon, remember the most important thing is being comfortable with it, because when you feel great, you look great! So why not take a peep at our lovely array of luxurious items made by professionals to give you the perfect waxing experience. To learn more about our amazing skin care and home waxing remedies, contact Beauty Image USA at (888)513-8815 or visit Contact, today!

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