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Chocotherapy and Skin Hydration: What You Need to Know

February 24, 2020

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ChocotherapyChocolate is one of the most effective ways to cheer up a person after a bad day. When we want to treat ourselves, few comfort foods are as effective at lifting our spirits. On top of its delicious taste, chocolate stimulates the creation of serotonin and the release of endorphins, creating a scientifically proven reaction that makes people happier as a result. That's just one example to illustrate the power of chocolate. With such wonderful benefits, it's not surprising that chocoterapy has grown to become such an effective skin care technique.

What is Chocotherapy?

While most people are familiar with chocolate-based food and pastries, chocotherapy is an accessible luxury that's often talked about on a very surface level. While chocolate is known for its benefits to the brain and the body's circulatory system, many of its nutrients also work notable wonders on the hair and the skin. Chocotherapy comes as a health treatment that integrates these nutrients in a blend of cacao and almond oil to cleanse and rejuvenate the skin.

Chocotherapy in a JarBasically, chocotherapy involves spreading chocolate paraffin on different areas of the body to revitalize the skin and increase the production of energy. This way, the moisturizing properties of cocoa are spread through the skin as they remove dead cells and cosmetic residues, leaving a healthy glow in their place. What better way to ensure a pleasant time and the best skin care at the same time? Thanks to all its benefits and because of the comfort clients feel during its application, chocotherapy has become a favored treatment at spas and aesthetic centers, with specialized chocotherapy products being a popular choice for keeping skin smooth and properly hydrated.

The Healthy Benefits of Chocotherapy

As time goes by, new discoveries are made to validate the role of chocolate in the preservation of people's health. When it comes to chocotherapy, there are many ways in which the benefits of chocolate are enhanced to directly protect the skin during the treatment:
  • Skin Hydration: Chocolate is enriched with vitamins A and E, making it a great asset to help improve circulation and nourish the skin, while the natural fat and molecules contained in cocoa beans act as effective moisturizers.

  • Improved Microcirculation: Microcirculation refers to the blood circulation along the micro vessels that run through our organ tissue. Chocolate contains flavanols and mineral salts capable of improving the exchange of nutrients between these micro vessels, restoring the firmness of the skin in the process. These advantages make chocotherapy work as a great anti-aging and anti-cellulite method.

  • Chocotherapy Chocofango
  • Healing Properties: Chocolate's natural antioxidants make the skin healthy and pure after eliminating toxins and dead cells, so it's a lot easier for scars to fade and for the skin to heal. Many of its nutrients also have powerful anti-inflammatory effects to fight infections and protect the skin from damage.
Chocolate is an asset that succeeds at being both effective and easy to apply. We recommend Beauty Image's exclusive Chocofango to get all these benefits in a pleasant, non-invasive treatment that will instantly improve the appearance of the skin.

Chocotherapy for a Pleasant Wax Treatment

The protective properties of chocolate have allowed the creation of different chocolate-based products to improve heal removal treatments. With chocolate as the key ingredient, specialized waxes and post-depilatory products are the main feature in non-invasive procedures that help the skin heal quickly and ensure smoothness and firmness for a variety of skin types and body areas.

Chocotherapy WaxesSince a thin layer of skin is removed during waxing, the antioxidant and hydrating properties of chocolate make a perfect combination to help protect the skin during depilation and keep it smooth and healthy afterward. Chocolate waxes have a thick texture, so they adhere quickly to the skin and take little time to dry, ensuring a quick and successful process. In addition, they contain the natural properties of sweet almond oil and Theobroma cacao, providing a suitable alternative for people who are allergic to chemical ingredients, such as artificial colorants, fragrances, or additives used in commercialized products. This is a great advantage over waxes not made from natural components.

In addition, chocolate wax releases an exquisite aroma that stimulates the production of endorphins and serotonin, making the waxing experience much more pleasant and relaxing. This serves as a particularly good way to calm the underlying stress that's so common with first-timers. The best part is that the fragrance remains even after the waxing has been performed, keeping the skin fresh and leaving a very nice sensation that stays for hours after the treatment.

If you want to try the benefits of chocolate on particularly sensitive skin, the exclusive Dark Chocolate Maxipearls integrate the nutrients of dark chocolate to provide a soothing waxing experience that's suitable to safely remove both facial and body hair.
Chocotherapy Related PostChocotherapy is a practical alternative that no beauty salon should be without. With easy application, natural components, and reasonable costs that make it affordable to all, the benefits of chocotherapy are worth considering if you want to improve your skin care routine. If you're interested in getting professional assistance to apply the advantages of chocolate in your skin care routine, you can call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form. And remember to subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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