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Beauty Salon Tendencies

December 10, 2017

Beauty Salon Design: Tips and Styles Beautician in Spa Center with her Waxing Accessories

If there is something you shouldn't skimp on when setting up your beauty salon, it's interior design. Design takes on a heightened importance in any beauty business for the simple reason that ...


November 09, 2017

5 Habits that Are Messing Up Your Waxing Room Hygiene Woman Waxing with Gloves and Waxing Accessories

Nothing says professional like a spotless spa. When clients walk into a beauty business to get waxed, they expect to find a comfortable and well-decorated room, but, most importantly, they wan...


October 05, 2017

How to Use the Power of Music to Make Your Waxing Room More Relaxing Soft Body Waxes on Girl's Armpit

Jamaican songwriter Bob Marley once sang that music can make you "feel no pain." The impact of music on humans has been analyzed by psychologists, studied by scientists, and put in practice by...