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Waxing Myths

June 28, 2017

Waxing Myths: Is Waxing Forbidden During your Period? Hair Removal Products During Period

Not waxing while you're on your period is a common topic among clients in beauty salons or conversations between girlfriends. However, like many other waxing myths we have talked about bef...


June 07, 2017

Waxing Myths: Will it Always Be Painful? Girl afraid with hard body waxes

This is a matter that everyone who regularly goes to professional waxing salons thinks about: will the pain ever fully stop? The waxing industry has worked toward creating new products like Ta...


May 10, 2017

Waxing Myths: Will Hair Grow Back Thicker and Darker? Woman looking for thicker hair after hair removal products

How many times have you been asked by your clients what methods can they use to prevent hair from growing back coarser after waxing? Ever since the beginning of hair removal as a trend, thicke...


July 11, 2016

Debunking the Wrinkle Myth: Why Waxing Does Not Cause the Wrinkles on Your Face Pre Waxing Care1

If you are reaching your 30's, you might be worried that your waxing routine will make your skin saggy and wrinkly. Lately, there's been a rumor spreading like wildfire that waxing your face ...


November 13, 2015

Common Waxing Myths and Facts

Miami, FL (November 13, 2015) - Waxing can be intimidating especially when it comes to removing all the unwanted hairs. First-time waxers need not be scared, below, we'll debunk the my...