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Hard Body Wax

August 30, 2017

3 Ways Hard Body Waxes Will Make Nose Waxing Easier Hard Body Waxes for Nose Waxing

Have you ever considered adding nose hair waxing to the list of services you offer at your spa or beauty business? If you're planning to expand your clientele, including nose hair waxing and o...


August 09, 2017

Why Hard Body Waxes Help Prevent Post-Waxing Acne Hard Body Waxes for Unhealthy Skin

Acne breakouts after a waxing treatment are more common than one would think. Uncomfortable pimples and unappealing red bumps can appear anywhere from a few hours after a session to a couple o...


July 05, 2017

3 Reasons Why Hard Body Waxes Are Better for First-time Clients Hard Body Waxes Guidance

The age we start shaving or waxing is an important time for any girl. In most modern cultures, female body hair removal is a symbol of adulthood and maturity. That's why most moms usually esta...


May 24, 2017

Unexpected Body Areas Where You Can Use Hard Body Waxes Hard body waxes magnifying glass

We tend to forget that almost our entire body is covered with hair; we have around five million hair follicles, from our head to our toes, and in areas where some women wouldn't even think pos...


April 26, 2017

4 Advantages You'll Only Get with Professional Hair Removal Products Beauty Image professional hair removal products

Have you ever wondered in what ways a product is different when it has the word 'professional' in its name or description? Is it really better than the regular options anyone can buy at a drug...


April 12, 2017

What to Know Before Using Hard Body Waxes During Summer Waxed woman legs during summer vacation

When summer starts, almost every woman follows the same ritual: take the summer dresses and flipflops out, swap out the daily sunblock for a stronger one, plan a beach rendezvous, and prepare ...


April 07, 2017

Why You Should Use Hard Body Waxes During Pregnancy Pregnant women can use hard body wax for her sensitive skin

Women who are pregnant experience several emotional and physical changes from the very first days of those exciting nine months of preparation to welcome a new life into the world. Adjusting t...


January 06, 2017

Questions about Hair Removal Products That Customers with Sensitive Skin Always Ask Portrait of a Young Woman Before a Hair Removal Treatment

If clients come to you before a hair removal treatment complaining that their skin always feels excessively dry and fragile, that they can't apply cosmetics without feeling a burning sensation...


May 11, 2016

Forget about Razors, Pamper Your Skin with Beauty Image's Hard Body Waxes shaving vs waxing

Removing hair with a razor blade can be a very difficult and painful process. It has many disadvantages, and the skin requires a lot of care before and after shaving. If you are going to use t...


May 04, 2016

Spoil Your Clients with Our Fine Line of Hard Body Wax Products body-hard-wax-products

Developing a complete line of skincare products to offer your clients is the first thing you should do if you want to run a successful aesthetics business. Getting a good supplier is the best ...