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Can I Wax Over Stretch Marks?

June 02, 2020

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WaxOver Stretch MarksNot many people can claim to be free of stretch marks. These scar-like stripes are a scarily common sight. They emerge quietly and with no fuss, but once they do, stretch marks are difficult to ignore and even harder to get rid of. For those with a wax regime, stretch marks can turn into a real headache: how can you push the problem under the rug if you need the wax to touch an area covered in stretch marks? Hard body waxes are the most reliable solution to deal with all forms of skin sensitivity, but even then, estheticians must learn how to reassure clients and when to delegate a problem to a medical professional. So, what do you need to know before dealing with stretch marks?

Why Do We Get Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are grooves or narrow lines that appear on certain parts of the skin, usually taking a pink/reddish tone that pales into a silvery hue as the mark settles on the area. They usually show up on the skin surrounding the arms, thighs, hips, buttocks, back, breasts, and the stomach.

Because they are the result of different body changes, stretch marks can appear at different stages in life. When the skin isn't flexible enough to properly stretch or shrink during these changes, they will start showing up. This happens because there's not enough collagen and elastin to maintain the skin's flexibility, resulting in a flaky texture that's usually followed by the appearance of these lines across the stretched area. While the skin is slightly raised when the stretch mark starts to emerge, sometimes this ruptured texture can remain past the mark's early stages. Some changes/events that usually lead to the appearance of stretch marks are:
  • Puberty, which combines sudden hormonal changes and growth spurts.

  • Pregnancy, with over 50% of women being affected by stretch marks during gestation or after giving birth.

  • Sudden weight loss /gain.

  • Medical conditions, namely Marfan syndrome.

  • Breast implant surgery.

  • Bodybuilding or weigh training that results in rapid muscle growth.
According to studies, hyaluronic acid and tretinoin are the most effective properties to alleviate the visible effects of stretch marks on the skin. Some natural ingredients like cocoa butter, shea butter, olive oil, vitamin E oil are also helpful because of their moisturizing properties.
Strecth Marks and Waxing
In many cases, stretch marks can fade and become less evident years after they first show up. While there are many options and natural remedies available to conceal them, they usually stay on the skin for good if specialized procedures like plastic surgery, microdermabrasion, or laser therapy remain out of the client's budget. Most of these methods are usually more effective when the stretch marks are newly formed and haven't lost the initial reddish tone.

Waxing Over Stretch Marks

As you know, waxing is not an option when you deal with scars or marks on the skin because they are likely to cause infections after coming in contact with the wax. Do stretch marks fit into this category?

In most cases, stretch marks can be waxed without causing major problems. They don't reach the skin's inner layers, so they usually can't alter its structure after the body is done growing. Since stretch marks are a visible result of changes on the skin, it's still important to be cautious, especially when the marks aren't fully formed yet. The lack of collagen can be a sign of dry skin, so proper hydration is an essential pre and post waxing tip that will reduce the chances of irritation. If the client already has a regular moisturizing routine, waxing will come easier.

There are instances, however, where the marked area is also very thin and loose, and this makes it prone to breaking when the wax is ripped off. This is a common result of c-sections and extreme weight changes. The safest option for the client is to discuss the matter with a dermatologist before scheduling a wax appointment. A dermatologist can assess the area to rule out any potential risks and recommend additional treatments to strengthen the skin that surrounds it.

It's useful to point out that many of the ingredients recommended for nourishing the skin against stretch marks are part of hard body waxes and many pre-waxing products. While these natural properties are not capable of erasing stretch marks after they appear on the skin, they moisturize the skin to keep it in good health and make up for the lack of elasticity that causes these marks in the first place. Hardbody waxes are specifically developed to ensure a gentle treatment with minimal pulling and lukewarm temperatures, so they are the best way to deal with regular cases of stretch marks.

Can Wax Create New Stretch Marks?

Stretch marks are, first and foremost, a result of internal body changes. It's true that some creams and lotions have components that hinder the creation of collagen (corticosteroid), but the properties of wax products have no effect on the appearance of stretch marks or the number of marks that ultimately show up on the skin. The esthetician's ministrations during the session are also harmless on this front since the skin isn't pulled hard or long enough to suffer a deep change.

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