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Brazilian vs. Bikini Waxing: Which to Choose?

May 09, 2018

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Woman Hips with a Bikini Getting rid of hair "down there" is a top priority for proper body grooming. The methods to achieve a smooth intimate area are varied, so luckily there's something for everyone, and waxing remains one of the most popular choices, despite how uncomfortable it may be for some people. Others do not care about going through a little pain in order to get a clean and smooth nether area.

Several types of intimate waxing are available, the two most popular of which are the regular bikini waxing and the full Brazilian. In this blog post you will learn what each consists of, who can get it, the types of soft and hard body waxes that can be used in the procedures, and some recommendations to keep in mind once you make your appointment. This knowledge will help you assist your client in making an informed choice that will leave her satisfied with the experience, rather than regretful.

Brazilian Waxing

What it consists of:
There is a reason the Brazilian is so loved and so hated at the same time. For many clients, the smoothness in their intimate area leads to an empowering, confident and sexy feel, but this can be achieved only at the cost of at least some pain and discomfort. How tolerable it is, depends on individual perception. However, for those who are willing to stick it out through the process, the results of Brazilian waxing are unbeatable.
Different salons have come up with several other names for the Brazilian: The Hollywood, The Sphinx, Bare Waxing… but the method and the results are the same. The Brazilian goes several steps ahead of the bikini wax: not only the hair on the sides is removed, but every-thing! Front, back, and everywhere in between —including the area between the butt cheeks.

Who can get it:
The Brazilian is not recommended for first-timers. It can be daunting for a client to face the whole procedure if they have never even had a regular bikini waxing. Women in their period or in the few days prior to or following their period would do better waiting it out until their skin is back to normal levels of sensitivity.

Woman on a Beach with a Bikini WaxType of wax:
Similar to the regular bikini waxing, the esthetician will decide about the type of wax to use. However, since the areas to be waxed are less accessible, most estheticians choose soft waxes, which are suppler and more malleable. Some other estheticians use both hard wax and soft wax on different areas and according to the client's individual characteristics.

Anyone getting a Brazilian needs to shed their shame —in the process, there is no way that the most intimate parts can be covered from the esthetician. That being said, it is also true that most salons offer clients a pair of disposable underwear that is intended to cover the area and avoid a mess. The client is expected to get into different positions to facilitate the esthetician's job of reaching difficult areas. If this sounds too daunting for a first-time client, it is a good idea to advise them to get a regular bikini wax instead.
Obviously, the same rules for other types of waxing apply: no shaving several days prior to the procedure, and no shaving in between appointments, either. Both procedures offer amazing results, which is why they are so popular. They are much more advantageous than shaving, at any rate!

Bikini Waxing

What it consists of:
Bikini waxing is the easiest and least "invasive" of the intimate waxing options. As the name implies, in this type of waxing, only the hair outside the panty or bikini line is the one that goes. The top and the sides on the mons pubis are trimmed a bit too as preferred by the client, in order to create a neater look.

Who can get it:
This option is perfect for a newbie because it involves less hassle and pain since it covers a smaller area than the Brazilian would. If it's your client's first intimate waxing ever, do recommend this type of waxing.

Soft Body Waxes for Intimate WaxingType of wax used:
The choice here is up to the esthetician. Some estheticians use hard waxes for bikini waxing since they offer clean and precise removal of coarse hair. Additionally, the area that is treated in bikini waxing is more accessible and easier to work on with hard wax. Some other professionals choose to use soft waxes, which is as advantageous when done by an expert.

For the client's comfort, they can bring a piece of underwear or swimsuit that they want to use to mark the extent of the hair removal, especially if the garment is high-cut —this will ensure that the area is properly cleaned up and the clothing can be sported confidently.

The most important recommendation you can give your client before a bikini waxing is not to shave or trim the hair. Shaving will interfere with the whole point of waxing, and while trimming won't do any harm, it is better left up to the esthetician's choice.

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