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Are Wax Beans Good for Waxing?

April 18, 2022

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Hard Wax Beans Falling From HandsWhen it comes to hair removal, nothing beats the effectiveness of body waxes. Waxing is a simple method that anyone can try; it minimizes the risks of skin damage and leaves the skin soft and velvety for weeks. Hard body waxes in particular are a treat that people with sensitive skins are thankful for. They treat delicate parts of the body without causing excessive pain, eventually reducing the amount of body hair that grows in the area.

Wax beans are one of the most popular hard wax formats, and an option that you can always count on when you visit a salon. What makes wax beans good for waxing? We tell you all you need to know.

What Are Wax Beans?

Hard wax beans are beads of wax made primarily of rosin, which in turn is obtained from different tree sources like pine. Additional ingredients are added to provide different benefits. Some of them can simplify the pulling process to reduce the strain on the skin while others may add some antiseptic properties to the wax formula. Other ingredients like rose extract and chamomile are often added to offer a more pleasant experience to the senses.

The Basics of Using Wax Beans

Wax beans are suitable to all skin types and nearly all parts of the body. They also involve a simple method that allows estheticians to work without wasting time or leaving too much wax residue to clean after.

Hard Wax Beans LooseHard waxes are applied with a spatula without having to use a strip. You can easily rip it off after leaving a small tail at the end of the wax strip, and you don't have to worry about hurting the skin because the wax will only adhere to the hairs.

Because hard wax beans are especially made to soothe sensitive skins, they have a low melting point, achieving a creamy texture that feels pleasant on the skin and reduces the risk of burns.

Hard waxes have a honey-like consistency that's slightly thicker than that of soft waxes. This could make it slightly harder to get the hang of the technique after the wax has melted. After you get familiar with the heating specifications, you'll see that hard wax beans makes things easier in treatments where precision is key, like facial and Brazilian waxes.

Advantages of Using Wax Beans

As we said earlier, hard wax beans adhere to the hairs, and this brings a number of related benefits for the skin. The most obvious one is that waxing hurts less, you can pull off the wax layer without causing too much pain on the skin, no matter how thin or sensitive it is. It even allows repeating the process on the same area without risking breaking the skin, and this is very helpful if you happen to leave hairs behind on the first try.

That also means that the skin is less prone to infections, irritation, or rashes since it won't be directly affected during the treatment. The post-wax period goes a lot more smoothly, with less itchiness to put up with in the meantime.

Another advantage is that wax beans genuinely provide a luxury experience. People don't feel like they're subjecting themselves to pain in order to make their skins stay hair-free for longer. These waxes are made with high-quality ingredients, prioritizing natural properties over artificial components. They feel amazing on the skin and leave no sticky residue after removal. They also have nice fragrances that help relax the senses during the wax treatment.


After going all the advantages of hard wax beans, we cannot ignore the exceptions that could make them harmful on the client's skin.

Detox Hard Wax Beans LooseThere's a fair number of medical conditions and treatments that automatically rule out some clients for safety reasons. Many of them are skin issues like sunburn, badly-healed scar tissue, or acne, but there are other conditions like diabetes and varicose veins that also need special attention. If the person is taking medication for an unrelated condition, they need to check with their doctor beforehand, and ongoing treatments like chemotherapy or pregnancy medication also make waxing a risky approach that estheticians will refuse to preserve the client's wellbeing.

Clients in the middle of their period will feel more pain, and this risk remains in the days that follow right after. The skin will also respond less favorably to waxing if you smoke or drink alcohol/caffeine in excess.

This isn't a contraindication per-se, but if a client has an event that would leave the skin exposed after a wax, they may be setting themselves up for major skin damage. Many people wish to wax before attending summer events at pools or at the beach, but scheduling a wax appointment too soon before said events will leave the skin pores exposed to UV rays, heat, salt, chlorine, and other elements that could easily result in an infection. Hard wax beads leave the skin smooth for at least three weeks, so you don't have to book a session right before a special date.

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