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Are Wax Beads Less Painful?

June 08, 2021

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Esthetician Waxing a Woman Leg Through a quick process and sophisticated formulas, wax products are known for providing the perfect mix between comfort and efficiency. Among all the formulas available for professional services, wax beads are a favorite when it comes to hard body waxes. Wax beads ensure a simple process and usually combine a number of nourishing ingredients to help the skin heal post-wax, but this might not mean much for those who fear the pain of waxing the most sensitive parts of their body. So, are wax beads less painful when compared to other wax products? Let's take a closer look.

What Are Wax Beads?

Since you've probably seen wax beads before, this question focuses more on what they can do as professional hair removal solutions. These beads are made of hard wax, so they combine a number of soothing ingredients that make it easier to rip the hairs cleanly and swiftly without hurting the skin. Wax beads are warmed in a professional wax heater until they melt into a honey-like consistency that adheres to the hairs after a couple of seconds.

Being made of hard wax, melted wax beads can be removed without the help of a strip. This also makes them easier to work with when treating sensitive areas or small portions of skin, as long as you know your technique when it's actually time to get the wax on the area.

Reducing Pain During a Wax Session

Knowing about all the things that set hard waxes apart from regular wax products, are wax beads less painful overall? They definitely deliver if you want to ensure a gentle treatment and prevent tearing/burning the skin. They are usually enriched with ingredients that help the skin heal faster (aloe vera, argan oil, cotton oil) and make the session a lot more pleasant.

Esthetician Waxing a Woman Leg With Hard WaxWax beads reduce the expected level of pain to the bare minimum but as stated in the previous section, this can only be accomplished with the proper waxing technique. The process itself is not that different from soft wax services, but hard body waxes have a couple of traits that may affect the esthetician's workability if they're not familiar with the product's consistency after melting the beads. For starters, hard waxes are thicker, and this can give you trouble when spreading the wax evenly on the skin. Because they're meant to work in more bearable temperatures, they can also cool off a lot faster; if you don't manage your time properly, you will end up cracking the wax after it's on the skin and the hair will not be removed properly. Any of these problems will obviously result in more discomfort for your client.

Your client's pain threshold could also amplify some of the unpleasant sensations during the wax treatment, but it's still useful to know certain tips that will help you use your wax beads properly and prevent several worst-case scenarios:
  1. Remember to prep the skin. A proper pre-wax treatment goes a long way in getting the area ready for the wax. When the skin is pliant, the hairs come off much more effortlessly.

  2. Make sure the skin is exfoliated. The pre-wax treatment will immediately show you whether the skin is in proper condition. This includes making sure that there are no dead skin cells clogging the pores. If you wax an unexfoliated area, you will be risking the appearance of ingrown hairs and increasing the chances of tears and irritation on the skin.

  3. The hair must be at least 1/4 -inches long for the wax to work properly. You can work with an 1/2-inch length in some cases, and some hard waxes are made to adhere to even shorter hairs, but this can make the process needlessly painful for the client.

  4. Esthetician Waxing a Woman Leg Without Pain
  5. Wax beads usually take 10-20 minutes to heat, but it's still important to read the package's instructions since heating time will change depending on the formula's composition. You need to use a professional wax heater and keep stirring its contents while the beads melt. This will help you gauge the right consistency.

  6. Twirl the spatula while taking out the wax layer and keep a firm hand while spreading it on the skin, always in the direction of hair growth. You have to leave a small flap that you will later pull to remove the wax: once you spread the wax on the area, move your hand upwards to trace a semi-circle and the remaining wax will separate from the spatula.

  7. Don't get distracted while waiting for the wax to dry. After all, it only takes a couple of seconds for the wax to cool off. When the time comes, grab the flap with your thumb and forefinger while keeping the skin taut with your other hand. Remove the wax layer swiftly and in the opposite direction of hair growth.

Why You Should Trust Wax Beads

Once you get the hang of the technique, it takes little effort to make the best of wax beads, including the chance of providing a virtually painless service depending on the area you're treating. Wax beads are in high demand because they ensure a stress-free process that also brings a new level of comfort for clients, along with many other perks. Some advantages that make wax beads ideal for sensitive skins are:
  • They have a low melting point and provide a gentle treatment.
  • They stick to the hairs and not the skin.
  • They cause less pain while being ripped off the skin.
  • While being thicker in consistency, hard waxes are generally less prone to leaving sticky residues behind.
  • Their results last from 4 to 6 weeks, and the hair will start growing thinner after a regular waxing regime.
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