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Advantages of Professional Waxing over DIY Waxing

June 21, 2017

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Hair removal products woman depilating Waxing has become the preferred hair removal method for the average woman. Not as expensive as laser hair removal, more natural than epilating creams, and with better and more long-lasting results than shaving, women turn to this procedure to get rid of unwanted body hair. Simultaneous to the increase of professional hair removal products, waxing salons, or beauty spas, there has also been a non-stop growth of all-in-one waxing kits for anyone at home to perform these procedures.

"Is it safe to wax at home?" some may ask, a question completely admissible if we consider the several things that can go wrong when waxing without professional guidance. Having your hair removed by someone with the skills and experience is always the safest option. However, there are those who prefer to wax themselves in their own homes. We made a list of common reasons why some prefer at-home waxing; each reason comes along with a counter-argument where we present the opposite side and explain why professional waxing is the better option.
  • "Waxing at home is easier on the wallet"
    Although it is true that at-home waxing is much cheaper than going to a professional salon, sometimes DIY waxing can cost more money than expected. Doing this procedure alone is dangerous; it can cause rashes or burns that may need medical care or expensive healing creams. That 40%-off wax you find at the local drug store might not be the best choice for your type of skin. At a salon, the esthetician will choose what works best for each body according to the information clients provide about themselves.

  • "A bunch of all-in-one waxing kits fill the current market"
    The instructions on DIY microwavable wax jars or pre-coated waxing strips might sound easy and simple, but are they really? There's hardly anyone who knows how to properly wax themselves for the first time—the process requires technique and a knowledge of how the product works. As we explained on a previous post about the advantages of specialized hair removal products, waxing will always have better results when done by professional estheticians because of the waxes and accessories they use that are not sold in local drug stores. Professional waxes come with nourishing properties and have better quality because they are meant to be used in professional and specialized businesses.

  • "It takes less time"
    Some people prefer hair removal at home rather than calling to book an appointment, leaving their house, and going to the salon, arguing they don't have the time to do all that. What they don't know is how fast professional waxing procedures truly are! A bikini or leg wax done by a skillful esthetician might take 20 to 30 minutes. In general, a normal person at home lacks the proper methods and products to be that fast.

  • "I can do it anytime"
    All it takes is one coarse hair appearing out of nowhere for any person to freak out and feel the need of an urgent wax. Unfortunately, professional salons aren't open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. People who prefer at-home waxing enjoy that they can do it at any time, before an important date or at midnight while watching TV. However, it's important to highlight that waxing is a delicate procedure, the skin must be well-prepared and taken care of afterwards to prevent uncomfortable side effects. Besides, waxing appointments can be scheduled in a second and at the client's convenience. Waxing strips and tweezers can save the day at home, but regular professional waxing will have many more benefits on the skin.

  • "Waxing at home is not embarrassing"
    Getting over the embarrassment of having a stranger pull out your body hair doesn't come easy for everyone; it's actually one of the reasons why such a large percentage of potential clients keep prolonging their visit to the spa for the first time. However, estheticians are professionals, just like doctors. First-time clients only feel embarrassed for the first few minutes, until they realize it's like visiting their stylist or their dentist.

  • Professional hair removal products
  • "The results would be the same"
    We're talking about the same procedure after all, right? How can the results be different? Anyone would be surprised by how different the skin feels when a good esthetician waxes with professional products. It's very common that at-home waxing will leave the skin with several remaining hairs that the person won't be able to remove unless re-applying the product—which can be harmful for the skin—or they simply can't reach the area.
In the long run, professional waxing helps anyone maintain a healthy, fuzz-free, and glowing skin and is better than any procedure done at home. If you have always been curious about the advantages of turning to professionals, we advise you to search for a reputable business that works with quality products made with mostly natural ingredients, which are much safer on the skin.

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