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8 Ways to Prepare Your Skin for Christmas Party Season

December 01, 2017

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Beautiful Girl Showing Her Legs'Tis the season for parties and gatherings, and we want to look our best despite the uncomfortable, chilly weather conditions that our skin endures. During winter, we need to adapt our skincare routine for extra protection. From day-to-day moisturizing with nourishing lotions to hair removal with soft body waxes, there are simple steps for taking care of your skin in the wintry weather. Here are eight ways to keep glowing, healthy skin during the holiday season.

    1. Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize
    The cold, dry winter air has a way of stripping moisture from our skin. This is due to several reasons. First, the small amount of moisture that chilly air has means that your skin doesn't have much moisture to absorb. Second, your natural moisture evaporates into the dry air. Third, cold temperatures constrict blood vessels, which in turn slows down your sweat and oil glands, depriving your skin of its natural protection. Other factors that dry your skin out are heaters, fires, and ovens. These sources of heat also rob air—and your skin—of moisture.

    The first thing you should do to avoid dried out, dull, flaky skin is to moisturize regularly. Don't be stingy, frequently apply generous amounts of moisturizer during the winter. You might have to change your choice of products for the winter. Swap your lightweight summer formulas for thicker ones that will trap moisture for longer and create a protective layer on your skin. Try Body butters, oil-based lotions, and oils.

    2. Keep Your Products Natural
    The weather conditions make your skin more sensitive, regardless of its type. Therefore, winter is an appropriate time to go for natural formulas with soothing ingredients such as chamomile and aloe. You can even prepare your own remedies with all kinds of nourishing ingredients such as papaya, coconut oil, olive oil, yogurt, or avocado. Whenever possible, it might also be a good idea to choose fragrance-free and hypoallergenic formulas. Doing without the fragrance will reduce the possibilities of an adverse reaction.

    3. Take Lukewarm Showers
    Cold showers during the winter are unthinkable unless we want to freeze to death! All we want is a good, long, hot bath to comfort us. The bad news is that as soothing as hot water may be during the long winter days, it is very harsh on the skin! Hot showers strip off the layer of oil in your skin's keratinocytes—skin cells that protect skin from the environment and help it retain moisture. Soap and body wash are even harsher on your skin's natural oils, so the combination of hot water and soaps or gels may increase the risk of skin sensitization, and make it more prone to dehydration and flaking. Choose a mild soap or gel, or diminish the amount of soap or body wash you use by focusing only on the areas where you sweat most. If you want to get the comforting warmth without the damage to your skin, use lukewarm water for your baths and showers, and keep them to no longer than 10 minutes. Finish with a layer of a rich moisturizer just after your shower while your skin is still wet—pat your skin dry just a bit, and apply moisturizer immediately. This is because your pores are open after showering, so the product can be absorbed into the skin a lot better. This tip goes for any time of year, but it's even more important in the winter.
    Soft Body Waxes Related Post4. Stay Hydrated
    We hardly feel like drinking cool drinks during the winter, even water. We know that hot chocolate, tea, and coffee soothe your soul during the holiday season, but if you have too much of these drinks, you'll forget about water. The cells in all types of tissue in the body need water to work properly, including the structures in the skin that support collagen. However, water alone won't do the trick; skin should always receive direct moisture. In general, drinking water frequently will help your overall health, and this will be reflected in your skin's appearance.

    5. Keep Protecting Against UV Rays
    Winter days are gray, and the sun seems to be hiding, but that doesn't mean that there is no danger! UV rays are there just the same. This can be even more dangerous than in summer for two reasons: you might be exposed to sunlight without protection for longer, and snow is a better reflector than water or sand— around 80% of UV rays reflect back from snow. Don't forgo your daily moisturizing sunblock, and remember to keep it hypoallergenic if you have sensitive skin.

    6. Wax with Rich, Natural Formulas
    Winter calls for fully covered bodies. We hardly show or expose any skin, so we forget about waxing and shaving. It doesn't have to be this way! Actually, winter is as good a time as any to have a waxing procedure done—unless you have skin problems, that is. The good thing is that even people with sensitive skin can enjoy a smooth waxing experience with high-quality products like Beauty Image's line of soft body waxes. These products are paraffin-free for a lower melting point, which makes them gentler on the skin. Additionally, they are packed with nourishing ingredients that pamper your skin and leave it deeply moisturized. Another great option is sugaring, which is a favorite among people who want extra soft skin with much less pain. For even better results and more beautiful skin, it is advisable to use pre- and post-waxing treatments. Pre-waxing treatments clean, dry, and reduce skin hypersensitivity for a more comfortable waxing experience. Post-waxing treatments nourish and hydrate the skin, prevent inflammation or irritation, slow hair growth, and eliminate any waxy residue. Beauty Image has great options for both types of treatments.

    Woman Lip Care7. Don't Forget Your Lips
    Lipstick is usually not enough to protect and beautify your lips in the winter! The skin on your lips is devoid of oil and sweat glands, and it is a lot finer than the rest of your skin. This layer of skin is thin enough that blood vessels show through, which is the reason why lips have a reddish color (But they can turn blue in the winter because cold temperatures cause blood vessels to contract, which considerably diminishes circulation in that area). Your lips are extremely vulnerable to the elements and chap much more easily. The cracks can get so deep that the skin breaks, which will cause it to burn and bleed. Save yourself the discomfort and go through lip balms or butters until you find your perfect match for the winter weather. It should be nourishing, feel comfortable on your lips, not dry out quickly, and offer a nice finish Try Beauty Image's Sensations lip balm; it helps to regenerate damaged skin. There are plenty of different options to choose from, including colorless or colored. Layer your favorite lip balm or butter on your lips several times a day, even when they don't feel rough or chapped… And do not lick them!

    8. Use a Humidifier
    This is an investment in your overall well-being during the winter season. This appliance increases the humidity levels in your indoor air, making it more comfortable for your respiratory system and skin, which will have a lot more moisture to absorb. In short, you will feel a lot more comfortable with a humidifier at home during the chilly months
Taking care of your skin during the holidays is a pleasure and a treat with Beauty Image's wide variety of waxes, treatments, and waxing accessories. For more information about our waxing accessories, call us at TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or send us your questions through the contact form on this page. If you wish to have our beauty blog posts, tips, and maintenance guides for estheticians sent straight to your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter. Also, don't forget to find us on Facebook as Beauty Image USA, and follow us on Twitter @BeautyImageUSA, and Instagram @beautyimageusa.
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