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8 Differences Between Waxing and Sugaring

March 23, 2017

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Beautiful Woman in Spa Salon Receiving Epilation with Hair Removal ProductsEven though waxing has become one of the most requested hair removal treatments around the world, other methods have also gained popularity in today's beauty industry. Among the wide variety of epilation alternatives, sugaring is one of the techniques that most specialists turn to, especially when treating clients whose skin cannot withstand waxes.

While technologic treatments like laser or electrolysis fill the current market, the ancient method of sugaring is still an effective and well-liked option for tons of people. In fact, a large percentage of licensed estheticians prefer to use professional sugaring paste on their clients because of all the benefits this product has on the skin.

Sugaring as a hair removal method has existed for more than two thousand years, ever since women in ancient Egypt used sugar to remove all of their body hair it's even said that Cleopatra herself used this procedure to have fuzz-free skin. What's interesting about sugaring is its recipe; anyone, in theory, can make the paste since only sugar, lemon, and water are required to prepare it. The final result seems and works like waxing but without the chemicals or artificial ingredients. It's important to highlight that, although the recipe might look easy to make, not every sugar paste made at home will work efficiently and that's why this procedure will always leave better results when performed by experts at professional salons.

Waxing, on the other hand, cannot be made so easily in a kitchen. These products are made industrially with natural ingredients like beeswax and artificial ingredients such as fragrances or chemical components to smooth the skin. Commercial waxes were first manufactured in France during the 1930's, but waxing as a hair removal method did not become popular until 1950s when publicity and magazines began showing women with hairless legs and fuzz-free bikini areas. Nowadays, waxing treatments for any part of the body can be found around the corner in any professional spa or beauty salon.

Contrary to sugaring paste, the number of different types of waxes you can find in today's market is endless. Estheticians and regular consumers can buy waxes for sensitive, oily, or normal skin; waxes that melt at low-temperature or that come with fruity fragrances and scents.

Even though both hair removal methods may appear quite similar, there are actually several differences; from how the product is applied to the skin to how it is removed from the body. In this chart, you'll find the seven most essential differences between the two:

Waxing and Sugaring DifferencesWhen looking at the big picture, both hair removal techniques work effectively and leave the skin smooth and fuzz-free; the key to providing an excellent hair removal service is knowing when and how to use each product. Waxing professionals usually work with both of these methods, choosing which one to use according to the client's skin type, preferences, and which area is to be waxed.

If you're looking for professional, high-quality waxes and sugaring paste, at Beauty Image we offer a wide array of options you can use at your spa or beauty business. Our professional sugaring paste is a 100% natural product made almost entirely out of sugar and water. Our soft and hard body waxes, on their part, are enriched with active ingredients suited for all skin types; and you can purchase our hair removal products from the comfort of your spa through our website; find out how with our video tutorials.
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