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7 Tips to Help Your Waxing Results Last Longer

April 18, 2023

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Tips for Better Waxing ResultsWaxing can be the ultimate solution to keep smooth skin all year long. People can stop thinking about unwanted body hairs for weeks, and the time between sessions only expands after you set a regular waxing regime. Professional waxes are arguably the best hair removal method available, so on their own, they can do a lot when it comes to keeping the skin velvety and soft to the touch.

Still, the steps you take before and after a wax session can make the end result last much longer.

Get the Best Waxing Results

Hard WaxThere's no shortage of options when it comes to waxing formulas. Homemade waxes are a popular choice among people with a busy schedule, but nothing beats the quality of a professional hair removal service. If keeping smooth skin for a long time is a priority when assessing different options, then getting an esthetician's expertise is your best bet to nurture the skin's natural beauty and prevent premature aging.

An esthetician can also help you choose the best wax formulas depending on what you want. If you take proper precautions, you don't have to worry about skin damage, but this doesn't mean that you should use the same products in different parts of the body.

Starting with the basics, soft body waxes are used in large expanses of skin like the arms, legs, and back. Hard body waxes are used on sensitive skin and areas where the pain is felt more acutely, like the thighs, the pubic bone, and the face. Salon clients can find different wax categories from these two basic types of waxes, and an esthetician will make sure to cater to their specific needs.

7 Waxing Tips for You

Now let's go over the most important tips to enhance your waxing results. Many of these tips are general skin care recommendations that estheticians should provide before a wax session. Others involve important post-wax steps that will help the healing process.

  1. Keep the skin clean and moisturized: This is probably a no-brainer but still worth mentioning; people need to wash the skin before waxing, as many dirt particles are small enough to go unnoticed for most of the day. Keep the water at a lukewarm temperature to help open the pores. This will make waxing less painful.

    Moisturized skin will show your waxing results more thoroughly, so don't forget to drink lots of water and apply natural lotions every day to prevent dryness.

  2.  Exfoliating in Bath Tub
  3. Exfoliate the area before waxing: Waxing turns into a real challenge when you have to worry about dead skin cells, sweat particles, cosmetic residue, and other elements clogging the skin pores. The general recommendation is to moisturize the skin each time you shower, running a loofah over the skin after washing the area with soap.

    Don't exfoliate right before a wax appointment. The pores should already be clean hours before waxing, or they might be too sensitive when it's time to rip off the wax.

  4. Let the hair grow properly: It can be frustrating to see some hairs grow back sooner than expected, but trying to wax the area at this point will only create a bigger mess. Likewise, shaving will disrupt the hair's regrowth cycle. With regular waxing, you can ensure that all the hairs in a particular part of the body keep growing at the same rate and they will become less visible as you continue your waxing routine. You can pluck one or two errant hairs with a tweezer or, even better, cover them up with make-up if they happen to be in a visible area. Just don't try waxing or shaving until all the hairs are at least 1/4-inch long.

  5. Soothe the skin after a wax: Mild irritation and swelling are expected after removing the wax. However, you still shouldn't wait too long before soothing the skin. Estheticians should apply cool compresses and cooling creams on the area, preventing infections that could routine your waxing results during the aftercare period. Post-wax gels are infused with antiseptic properties for this reason, along with natural ingredients that will encourage the reproduction of cells and the skin's natural elasticity.

  6. Have the skin checked by a dermatologist: This recommendation is mostly aimed at people suffering from acne breakouts and skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. If you try waxing the skin while it's still healing, the harm could leave a permanent mark and even expand to other parts of the body. Those with skin allergies should also go over the formula's ingredients before waxing, which is why the esthetician will always ask about medical conditions beforehand.

  7.  Calendar
  8. Don't miss your waxing appointments: A missed wax appointment will only make it easier to give up to the temptation of going back to the razor. Moreover, regular waxing is what helps the skin grow smoother over time because the new hairs grow thinner after each session. Some follicles will eventually remain hair-free because waxing gradually makes the hair grow at a slower rate.

  9. Learn as much as you can about professional wax formulas: If you're an esthetician, this is one of your main responsibilities. Nowadays, it's impossible to keep track of all the wax products available in the market, but this variety helps you provide the most satisfying results, especially for people with a low pain tolerance and/or sensitive skin.

    Knowing what each ingredient has to offer will help you choose right if the skin needs extra moisturizing, the hairs are too coarse, the client isn't relaxed, and many other scenarios. Each client is different, and you need to adapt your methods accordingly to make the results last longer.

When it comes to professional wax formulas, nothing beats the quality you get from Beauty Image's products and accessories. For decades, our wax formulas have become the standard in many parts of the country, and we continue adding new products to our catalog as trends change. We're here to help you stand out if you work in the beauty industry. And if you simply want to find the best hair removal method in the market, our specialists will be happy to introduce our waxing formulas. Just call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form. You can also subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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