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7 Reasons to Try Sugaring Wax in Holiday Season

December 03, 2019

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Sugaring WaxYou must have heard of sugaring before as a wonderful alternative to waxing. Well, this is true for many people even in winter. Many people feel relieved that finally, they can stop worrying so much about hair removal since winter clothes are going to cover them. However, winter is not the time to stall your hair removal schedule just because you plan to cover up with winter clothes. The colder months are actually very good for regularizing your waxing schedule.

Here are some reasons to try sugaring this winter and recommendations for the best Sugaring Paste for your next hair removal appointment. We think you'll love it as much as we do!

Sugaring Wax is an Ancient Hair Removal

What Is Sugaring?

Sugaring is an ancient hair removal technique that had its origin way back in Egypt, where people used to make a paste with sugar, water, and lemon juice to achieve smooth skin. Hair removal was very important for the Egyptians because of social and even religious reasons. The practice of sugaring extended to other Middle Eastern countries, where it has been used for centuries.

Sugaring wax (whether DIY or professional) contains only natural ingredients (sugar, lemon juice, water, and in some cases, honey and a few drops of essential oil such as lavender for extra soothing properties. Sugar provides a sticky base for the concoction to stick to the hairs, and lemon helps emulsify the mixture.

Take a look at "Everything You Need to Know About Sugaring" and learn more about this sweet hair removal option. And if you want to compare it against waxing, you must read ""8 Differences Between Waxing and Sugaring."

Sugaring Wax Application

Sugaring Wax Is So Easy to Apply!

And the best thing is that it has amazing results. Sugaring wax or sugaring paste is applied against the direction of hair growth and ripped with the direction of growth, unlike wax. The texture allows for it to grab hair efficiently without sticking to the skin as much as soft wax does. Because of this, many people find sugaring paste hair removal less painful than wax.

The wax technician will take a ball of sugaring wax and rub it between the fingers to make it warm and malleable so that it's easier to work with. The paste is then pressed and rubbed down on the skin in the direction of hair growth and flicked back to pull hairs off. It's OK to use the same ball of sugaring wax to complete the treatment, especially if it's being done in a small area.

Sugaring Wax Video

The Best Alternative to Waxing? Judge for Yourself

There are many benefits to sugaring wax when you compare it with other hair removal methods:
  • It is made with accessible ingredients and is environmentally conscious (no extra wax strips involved!).
  • It is gentler on the skin than waxes since it adheres less to the skin, potentially causing less discomfort.
  • It does not cause as much redness and irritation and it's applied slightly warm or at room temperature, which diminishes discomfort due to heat.
  • It provides mild exfoliation which can do away with dead skin cells and ingrown hairs.
  • When done regularly, it can help hair grow sparser and finer.
  • It is good for finer hair such as facial hair.
Sugaring Wax and Woman Legs

7 Reasons to Try Sugaring in Holiday Season

Now that you know what sugaring is and what benefits it brings, look at the reasons why you should try sugaring in winter.
  1. You Get Smooth Skin for the Holidays
    It's that time of the year when you have one celebration after another. While we can predict that the outfits won't necessarily be meant for warm weather it'll be more on the layering end of the spectrum it remains true that you'll want to feel smooth and sexy, so you should continue with your hair removal schedule.

  2. You Keep Your Waxing Schedule Intact
    Not because the weather gets cooler your hair removal appointments have to cool off. If you stop them, you'll be delaying the benefits you'll reap and interrupt the progress you've made in terms of getting hair to be less coarse and abundant.

  3. You'll Have Fewer Chances of Ingrown Hairs
    There is no way to make sure you won't get ingrown hairs, but at least it's true that sugaring does gentle exfoliation on the skin and can therefore help prevent continuous ingrowns. For better prevention, exfoliate regularly. Just make sure you don't exfoliate on the day of the appointment or immediately after.

  4. You Will Have Less Risk of Allergic Reactions
    Rosin the main component of most depilatory waxes tends to cause allergies in some people. Sugaring paste won't pose this problem since it's made with all-natural ingredients. People with sensitive skin find a hypoallergenic hair removal option in sugaring.

  5. Sugar Paste Is a Gentle Exfoliant
    Sugar paste and the technique used to remove hair with it are perfect to get rid of dead skin cells. While sugaring does not replace exfoliation (and you shouldn't exfoliate on the same day of your sugaring appointment), your sugaring appointment will also give you a safe and natural exfoliation on the areas you intend to treat.

  6. Sugaring Wax Paste
  7. Sugaring Is Safe Even on Sensitive Clients
    Some clients come in with varicose veins, eczema, diabetes, and other conditions that might have a warning against waxing or sugaring. However, with this hair removal technique, there isn't much to worry about because the sugar paste doesn't have to be heated, so it doesn't dilate the pores or the delicate capillaries. Similarly, people with normally dry skin (and everyone during the dry winter weather) can get a sugaring treatment without aggravating dryness and flakiness since this technique does not disrupt the natural moisture barrier.

  8. Sugaring Makes Hair Grow Sparser and Finer
    As waxing does, consistent sugaring causes hair growth to be less coarse and abundant through progressively damaging the hair follicle. This largely depends on perseverance. Another advantage of frequent sugaring is that the sessions will get less painful, also due to hair follicle damage.

  9. So, with so many advantages, why stop sugaring during the winter? It's actually as good of a time as any other to start with this hair removal routine or any other. When it comes to the best sugaring paste, trust a professional brand like Beauty Image, which offers as well as a wide range of waxes and waxing accessories for the best wax treatments. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this website to get in touch with us. Subscribe to the newsletter for the latest info about us right in your inbox.
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