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7 Different Types of Waxes For Hair Removal

July 18, 2023

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Types of WaxWaxing offers something for everyone. If you have specific tastes and high standards, finding a product that suits your preferences can be easier than you think. Soft and hard body waxes come in different formats to benefit certain types of skin. Methods of applications change slightly from one product to the next, with estheticians adapting their services to each situation.

Waxes can also be enriched with various natural properties while maintaining the core ingredients meant to simplify hair removal. Today, we'll introduce the most popular wax products among estheticians and salon-goers, evaluating their effectiveness and the traits that make them unique.

Find the Perfect Wax To Match Your Taste

Body waxes follow more or less the same process: the wax heats for an average of 10 minutes until it melts and is applied to the skin following the direction of hair growth. Then, you pull at the wax layer in the opposite direction to remove the hairs from the root, leaving the follicles bare. This will remain the case for all the formulas you'll come across, but other details can make a wax treatment go from average to life-changing.

A specific product can make wonders in specific parts of the body from factors like melting point, variations in the product's formula, the elasticity of the resulting paste, etc. Products are also made with people's preferences in mind, so chances are you'll find the perfect flavor to fit your mood.

If you're still making up your mind, we can give you some useful details about the most common types of waxes:

  1. Wax beans: You don't need to be a wax connoisseur to recognize hard wax beans. They're among the most popular presentations you'll find in a salon or spa, and there's a reason for that.

    Wax beans bring so much to the table. They're easy to use, so estheticians can complete a thorough hair removal session in little time and with excellent results. In addition, clients can enjoy themselves more because hard wax beans don't adhere to the skin and their texture ensures a gentle treatment. The wax can be applied in the same area more than once but its effectiveness allows you to remove all the hairs after applying it just once. Above all, you can count on hard wax beans to leave the skin silky and smooth for weeks on end.

  2. Soft wax cans: Soft waxes are applied in very thin layers and removed with the help of a strip. They can help workability without neglecting their soothing benefits, and this is essential to help clients overcome the initial pain of ripping off the wax. While some of these formulas can leave a sticky residue on the skin because of their gluey, honey-like consistency, professional soft waxes are perfected to make the removal less messy and more pleasant for the clients.

    They're also one of the most affordable options when compared to the price range of some hard wax products.

  3. Vegan wax:Like other cosmetic and skincare products, body waxes also have a vegan counterpart. Vegan waxes don't have a fixed formula, since the effectiveness of beeswax can be replicated by different ingredients, like soy wax, Candelilla wax, sugaring paste, etc.

    They're not unlike traditional waxes in the sense that you can find multiple products to choose from, each with different combinations of vitamins and fruit extracts. These formulas are specially made for those who want to avoid artificial ingredients and the environmental damage they can cause.

  4. Black/Charcoal wax: You can recognize charcoal waxes at a glance thanks to the striking black color they keep before and after being melted. With charcoal as one of its active ingredients, black wax works as a powerful detoxifier, preventing infections and helping the skin when it's prone to acne and similar conditions.

    As shown by our exclusive Luxe Detox Line, professional black waxes are also a treat to the senses and the perfect addition to a high-end salon. To enhance its purifying properties, back wax often combines activated charcoal with caviar and other natural skin protectants.

    Cacao Beans
  5. Chocolate wax: Cacao beans bring a world of benefits to the human body, so it's no surprise that chocolate and processed cocoa have made their way outside the realm of edibles, becoming the main ingredients in countless products like night creams, lotions, perfumes, shampoos and hair conditioners, etc. Now, chocolate waxes join the list as one of the most popular types of waxes.

    Many people appreciate the soothing properties and pleasant texture of Choco waxes. On top of working in most parts of the body, wax formulas like Beauty Image's Choco wax fight the effects of sun exposure and premature aging through a deep moisturizing effect that revitalizes the skin without leaving any hairs behind.

  6. Roll-on wax:Roll-on waxes are as effective as regular soft waxes, with the added benefit of making a neater process overall. Thanks to their roll-on format, prep and cleanup take only half of the time since there are no spills and no need to wash any wax pots. This also helps you wax large sections of skin and thick hairs without having to worry about getting the perfect consistency before applying the wax.

    You still need to have heaters and applicators designed for roll-on cartridges in your salon. You won't need hours of training to get the hang of roll-on waxes, but you still need the right equipment to provide quality hair removal services.

  7. Hard wax kits: They're probably the best alternative for at-home waxing. These kits have detailed instructions on the label to avoid accidents and product waste, so they can help you if you're a newbie in the world of body waxes. The wax can also be melted in a microwave to the right temperature without much hassle, ensuring a good enough result when the option of a professional service is off the table.

Learn about professional waxes from renowned hair removal specialists. Beauty Image is here to help you choose the products you need to complement your expertise. We also offer the most attractive deals and monthly promos to pamper your clients with the most luxurious wax formulas in the market. Call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out our website's contact form for more information, or subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news and tips straight to your inbox.

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