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6 Benefits of Choco Wax

February 12, 2018

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Woman Getting a Choco Wax Beauty TreatmentWho doesn't love chocolate? It has everything: a luscious taste and smell, a creamy texture —and it makes us feel good. This "food from the gods" as described by the Aztecs is not only delicious but also beneficial in many ways. Research has shown that consuming chocolate regularly helps keep a healthy heart, brain, and skin.

When it comes to skincare, chocolate is truly a wonderful ingredient. Its emollient and nourishing properties make it a coveted addition to all types of lotions, masks, body scrubs, and now choco wax for a whole new waxing experience. Chocolate happens to be ideal for skin protection during waxing, which has started a "chocolate trend" among spas and waxing rooms everywhere. Once you read about the health benefits of chocolate, and just how gentle it is on your skin, you are bound to get hooked on all things choco, including your depilatory waxes.
Why Chocolate is Healthy for YouChocolate makes you healthier. How? Its properties act on different systems and organs of your body to improve their functioning.
  • It is great for your heart and circulatory system as it contains flavonoids, which are beneficial chemicals found in plants. Flavonoids help platelets stay away from the walls of blood vessels, reducing the risk of artery clogs and therefore making you less prone to a heart attack or stroke. The flavonoids found in chocolate also help blood vessels relax, thus regulating blood pressure.

  • Woman with a chocolate bar
  • It plays a beneficial role in the nervous system because it contains phenylethylamine, a chemical that encourages the production of feel-good neurotransmitters and reduces the production of stress hormones (this is why chocolate boosts your mood!). Less stress and more antioxidant properties mean less collagen breakdown on the deep layers of the skin; In simpler words, firmer and softer skin. Overall, chocolate is good for the brain as it can enhance the memory and cognitive skills.

  • Chocolate is even good for weight loss when consumed in moderate amounts. A small square of chocolate before a meal might help trigger the secretion of the hormone that sends the "I'm full" signal to the brain. This means you might actually eat less in your meal.

  • It helps diminish bad cholesterol levels and enhance good cholesterol levels. This is due to the minerals found in chocolate (especially dark chocolate).
Chocolate for Beautiful SkinThe benefits of chocolate for the skin are well-known, and many different types of skin treatments are enriched with it.
  • Chocolate will leave your skin glowing since its chemical components enhance the flow of blood.
  • Flavonoids in chocolate protect the skin from UV radiation and free radicals (harmful molecules that lack an electron and attack cells). However, the fact that chocolate is a good UV protectant doesn't mean that you should lay off the sunscreen!
  • It helps improve the thickness of the skin.
  • Contrary to popular belief, chocolate doesn't cause breakouts.
Chocolate for WaxingChocolate wax is becoming more and more popular because it enhances waxing in many ways. More and more people are choosing it over other types of wax because of the considerable advantages it offers.
Related Post for Choco WaxChocolate wax is mainly composed of natural ingredients which are very gentle on the skin. Chocolate is quite a lavish treat as it is mostly offered in high-end salons and spas in the form of wax and other treatments to make the skin glow and nourished. It is a pleasure that you should indulge in if you want to experience a waxing session like you've never had before. A Choco wax session is truly a beauty treat!

It is essential that you choose top-quality waxes available from internationally renowned manufacturers, such as those in the full Chocotherapy line.
Ingredients of Choco Wax
  • Cocoa: this is the main ingredient in chocolate wax. This bean adds the antioxidant and emollient properties of flavonoids, proteins, and vitamins A and E into depilatory waxes. Chocolate wax contains other wonderful natural ingredients as well.

  • Sweet almond oil: this is a well-known emollient that can be found in a myriad of skin products. This oil repairs the layers of skin while nourishing them with vitamins and minerals. It soothes the skin, reducing inflammation and redness.

  • Sunflower oil and soybean oil: these oils give chocolate wax its humidity and smoothness.

  • Glycerin and other ingredients: these are used to add malleability to the wax without taking away its nourishing properties.
A Choco Wax Can of Beauty ImageBenefits of ChocowaxChocolate wax is a delightful experience for the skin. The best thing about chocolate wax is that it will provide a waxing experience that is different from any you have had before. It will feel more like a luxurious spa treatment instead of the dull old waxing session. Chocolate waxes work best when used in packs that include pre-depilatory and post-depilatory lotions and chocolate masks for the whole skin. These complements enhance the benefits of choco wax. Here are six remarkable benefits that chocolate wax has over any other type of wax.
  1. The waxing session will be less painful
    The emollient ingredients present in chocolate wax help to soothe the skin, open the pores, and achieve a less painful procedure. Chocolate helps avoid redness, rashes, and other adverse skin reactions. Additionally, this type of wax is very creamy, which ensures easy application. It is also easier to remove since it doesn't leave any residue. Choco wax has everything to make it suitable for all skin types, including sensitive skin.

  2. The aroma of chocolate is deliciously relaxing
    The sense of smell is the only one that creates a direct route to the brain, triggering memories and a sensation of well-being very quickly. You will get lost in the delicious aroma of chocolate and the pleasing sensation this brings will help you stay relaxed throughout the waxing procedure.

  3. It has a very comfortable temperature
    Chocolate wax is applied at a very comfortable temperature. Since it doesn't have to be heated much due to its soft texture, it can be applied at a warm temperature. This doesn't make it any less effective, but it does help to make the wax gentler on the skin. You will experience less redness and inflammation!

  4. It can help extend the time between wax sessions
    Waxing experts have pointed out that the beneficial properties of choco wax can help to extend the time between wax sessions. Hair will grow more sparse and finer.

  5. It helps lift a tan
    The exfoliating properties of chocolate help to peel away the layer of dead skin that forms after sun tanning, leaving the skin back to its original color and looking shiny.

  6. The ingredients in it are highly nourishing for the skin
    If you want to pamper your skin, your best bet is chocolate wax. It is rich in many different nourishing ingredients, that is why it can moisturize skin better than other wax formulas.

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