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5 Waxing Accessories that Will Make Your Salon More Professional

September 28, 2017

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Waxing Accessories at a Beauty Salon The room where you perform your waxing services means more to the client than you might expect. As many experts have emphasized, success is not just about the service you provide. The esthetics of a business should never be taken for granted when it comes to building your reputation as a successful professional, no matter which field you're in. However, this is even more important for estheticians. The fact that the words "esthetic" and "esthetician" share the same root is no coincidence. Clients always expect an esthetician's place of work to have a professional, esthetic vibe that makes them feel at ease and relaxed.

If you're wondering about what you can do to improve the ambiance of your waxing room, you'll be surprised by how the ideal waxing accessories can improve your salon's appearance. New equipment not only makes your work easier, but also adds value to your room. Clients take these details into account when they decide whether to choose you as their regular esthetician or another option in town.

In addition to the essential waxing accessories and supplies every waxing room must have, here are a few extra items and equipment you should invest in to step up your game as a waxing specialist:

  1. A Waxing Cart
    You don't really know that you need a waxing cart until you own one. Work gets easier when everything you need is easy to reach. With a long-lasting, sturdy salon trolley car, you can keep your wax cans, gloves, spatulas, oils, or gels in just one place. You can also have a mobile wax heater on top and a trash compartment that can easily be maneuvered to any part of the room. This is the perfect item if you offer a wide variety of waxing services that require different application methods. What's more, a waxing cart tells clients that you're an organized esthetician and that you make efforts to be practical and quick—qualities that certainly matter to clients and that will make you more efficient.

  2. Facial Roll-ons
    If you offer facial hair removal services such as eyebrow or upper-lip waxing, facial roll-on heads instead of regular roll-ons are a plus that clients will appreciate. Not every esthetician sees the need to get these specialized tools, but they do come in handy if you want to achieve good results, especially for eyebrow waxing, where precision makes all the difference.
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  4. A Full Waxing Heating System
    How do you warm your wax cans? Do you use boiling water to heat your roll-ons? Do you have the same wax warmer for soft and hard wax? Nowadays, waxes come in different shapes, from beads and disks to roll-ons and cans. It can be tricky and expensive to have a heating system for every product. However, in today's market you can find all-in-one wax warming systems built to heat almost any type of wax, which will allow you to vary your services. The more options you offer a client, the more professional and experienced you look.

  5. A Salon Magnifying Lamp
    Have you ever been bothered by the lack of proper lighting in your waxing room and how it keeps you from performing your treatments less efficiently? A magnifying lamp will help you solve this issue. This tool is essential if you want precision, and it is extremely useful if you want to remove even the thinnest of hairs. It will also allow you to examine the skin and determine if waxing can be done.

    There are many types of beauty magnifying lamps in the market, and you must choose one that fits your needs. If you're a mobile practitioner, a daylight lamp can provide good lighting if the room you're in doesn't have enough light. Find a lamp that you can easily unscrew if you are worried about mobility. If your waxing salon is wide, buy lamps with wheels to move around comfortably.

  6. Facial Roll-On as Waxing Accessories
  7. A Style of your Own
    Although this cannot be categorized as an accessory, defining your business's identity and style does affect how clients perceive you as a professional esthetician. Your own style can help you build a personal or business brand. Cleanliness, relaxation, and professionalism are three characteristics that every waxing room should project to enhance its clients' perceptions and make a great first impression. You can add candles, display your esthetician certificates, and even put on relaxing music. A little imagination will help you come up with the right décor and style decisions you need to build an appealing business.
The accessories mentioned above are not strictly necessary to perform hair removal services. You can perform waxing treatments without a trolley, beauty lamps, intricate heating systems, or a well-decorated waxing room. Nevertheless, these are investments that will help you build a prosperous career as a waxologist. Do not take them lightly, and make sure you find the best options for your budget.

If you're looking for a place to find some of the items mentioned above, at Beauty Image, we have the best hair removal products for your salon or beauty business. We invite you to visit our online store and look at our wax heating systems, roll-ons, and many other waxing tools that can help you make clients think of your waxing services as spa time.

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