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5 Habits that Are Messing Up Your Waxing Room Hygiene

November 09, 2017

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Woman Waxing with Gloves and Waxing AccessoriesNothing says professional like a spotless spa. When clients walk into a beauty business to get waxed, they expect to find a comfortable and well-decorated room, but, most importantly, they want to feel that they are going to be treated in a sanitary environment. Nevertheless, this is not always the case at some beauty businesses. Sometimes practitioners skip daily and weekly chores that are essential for maintaining a clean room. As a consequence, clients might get a bad vibe and not come back, or worse—they can get a skin infection from a service that was performed in an unsanitary environment.

While it is true that every licensed esthetician has gone through special courses to learn proper sanitation procedures, certain unconscious habits might negatively be affecting the hygiene of your waxing room. Luckily, there are plenty of waxing accessories and supplies in today's beauty market to make the task of maintaining a clean environment easier. The following is a list of bad habits that you should get rid off right away if you want your clients to be amazed by the cleanliness of your salon. Also, we offer up some useful tips and products to help you run a better business.

  1. Not Cleaning Up after Each Client
    No client wants to get into a waxing room where products are all over the place or there are used spatulas or strips in sight. Make sure that you clean your work station before and after each client. For example, clean the warmers in case they have gotten dirty during the service, change towels, and get rid of single-use items.

    To make cleaning easier, use can warmer paper collars and can handles to prevent warmers from getting stained by wax. If possible, invest in a waxing cart—they come with a wastebasket where you can quickly throw away all your waste during procedures.
  2. Waxing Accessories Related
  3. Skipping Spring Cleaning
    You probably do Spring cleaning at home, but have you ever thought of doing it at your business? Every year, beauty salons, no matter how small, should get a deep cleaning. With the big load of products and tools that estheticians use every day to treat their clients, it's only natural that a spa or a waxing room will get cluttered over time. A deep cleaning and decluterring once or twice a year—it doesn't have to be during the spring—will keep your business space looking nice and tidy. Nail Magazine has an in-depth tutorial on how to clean a beauty salon room by room. Among their tips, they advise estheticians to always have a step-by-step cleaning plan specifically for their businesses.

  4. Having a Disorganized Supply Closet
    As we stated above, estheticians use a lot of products every day. Hard waxes, soft waxes, tonics, balms, creams, sanitizers, muslin strips, and spatulas are some of the basics items you must have in your inventory. You'll use even more if you offer services besides waxing. It is always good to have your supply closet well organized. Keep track of expiration dates so you do not lose anything and update your inventory on a regular basis. You can organize your products in your closet by use—put the ones you use the most in the most accessible areas of your closet. This will make you a quicker practitioner.

  5. Rubbing Hand Sanitizer After Usin Waxing Accessories
  6. Not Sanitizing Waxing Instruments
    Esthetic state boards across the country require a certain level of sanitation for every multi-use tool you use during your waxing procedures. Every tool you use must be cleaned regularly. Anything metallic like spatulas, wax applicators, or tweezers must be sanitized, disinfected, and sterilized before using them on the next client. Rubbing alcohol is a good way to kill bacteria. Pressure steaming, boiling, or simple steaming are other ways of sanitizing your tools.

  7. Forgetting Personal Hygiene
    Hygiene is not only about cleanliness, but also about perception. When a client walks into a place where everything looks clean and tidy, they will believe that they are in sanitary place. This also extends to the estheticians themselves—clients want to be treated by someone who irradiates professionalism and tidiness. Keep your hands clean, use a uniform if possible, always use gloves for waxing procedures, and keep your hair away from your face.

Whether you have your own salon, work from home, or are a mobile practitioner, hygiene is key to the success of your business. Besides, being organized will also make you quicker and more efficient while performing your services—clients will take this into consideration when deciding whether they want to become regular customers. Not to mention that a cleaning and maintenance plan for your accessories and equipment will spare you from having to replace costly equipment prematurely.

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