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4 Tricks to Make Your Waxing Accessories Last Longer

July 12, 2017

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 Waxing Accessories and Esthetician Waxing accessories are an esthetician's favorite weapon. Acquiring new equipment is always exciting because it undoubtedly improves the services that cosmetologists offer to their clients; nonetheless, wax warmers, waxing carts, treatment beds, and many other utensils that every professional waxing salon needs cost money. Estheticians see and buy waxing accessories as an investment, and it is in their best interest to maintain them in great shape for as long as possible. If you're a waxing specialist, here are a few easy-to-follow tips to maintain your waxing appliances and make them last longer:
  1. Wax warmers: use specialized supplies to protect them from the wax
    As an esthetician, you want to keep your warmer looking new for years—this helps improve the overall aesthetics of the waxing room. Clients feel much more at ease when they walk into a place where every spatula is where it should be and everything looks like it just came out of their packaging. However, after hundreds of gallons of heated wax, it's only natural for the machine to wear away or get damaged from stains or spills. To prevent this, you should buy can paper collars to place around the pots and protect the warmer from stains—the process is much cleaner and tidier with these.

  2. Waxing Accessories Wax Warmer If the warmer ever gets wax stains, you can remove them using mineral oil and a cloth. Wax removal is best done when the machine is still warm—it is faster this way. We do not recommend using solvents on plastic warmers since they can damage the material over time. For your safety, you can also use can handles. These metal pieces also go around the can to help the user hold the product without getting burned.

  3. Metal tools: always clean and sanitize
    There are few metals that are as efficient as aluminum for waxing practitioners. This is why most waxing pots for warmers in today's market are made with this material. Aluminum resists fire, conducts heat efficiently —heating the wax faster—, and the best: it isn't pricey! With proper care, aluminum pots can last a lifetime. Removing any wax remains every day will also prolong the life of your aluminum pots—no one wants to see wax pots filled with soft wax from two years ago.

    Given that other metal tools such as tweezers or scissors are not disposable, they need constant sanitizing. You can keep these tools free of bacteria and germs by acquiring a sterilization pouch for your salon or beauty business. If your business is mobile, you can clean your tools with disinfectant sprays throughout the day, just remember to sanitize them once a day by throwing them in boiling water for at least 5 minutes. Also, don't throw these tools out if they become dull; you can sharpen them using sandpaper or a sharpening stone.

  4. Waxing carts: don't overload
    A good, sturdy waxing cart is an esthetician's favorite tool. Everything fits in there: gloves, spatulas, gels, oils, wax warmers, tools, roll-on cartridges, waxing cans… you name it. Nevertheless, be careful; when it comes to this accessory, less is more. You don't want to store all of your inventory there, it could make the trolley lose balance and cause a huge disaster. Besides, it does not look good esthetically speaking. You should only have what you need. If you notice the cart is too small to fit your demands, then it's time to upgrade.

    Just as the wax warmers, you should clean wax blots as soon as they occur using mineral oils and a terry cloth or towel. If you intend to have a wax heater on top of the cart, buy one designed for that, because the wrong trolley might not withstand the heat.

  5. Waxing Accessories and Spa Bed
  6. Spa table: never skip cleaning
    Waxing salons always advertise waxing as a spa time for the body, and it totally can be! With the proper décor, customer service, and services, clients would think of waxing as a relaxing procedure (even though it hurts, we know). Following this line of thought, the treatment tables where your clients sit or lay down matter a great deal. More than anything, these should always be as clean as a whistle. The beds waxing specialists normally use are the same ones from spas, and yes—they are expensive. Therefore, don't ignore the manufacturer's instructions about how to take care of them. A little bit of extra care greatly extends the longevity of the tool. To prevent premature damage to the upholstery of your table, use towels for cover. You can place a couch roll above it and change it for each client. Avoid moving the bed more than what is strictly necessary to keep it out of harm's way.
We cannot stress highly enough how important well-maintained waxing accessories are to develop a successful business. The way a business takes care of its equipment says a lot about the professionalism of its owners. Not to mention that a daily or weekly maintenance plan for your accessories will spare you from having to replace costly equipment prematurely.

At Beauty Image, we offer a wide array of waxing accessories to help licensed estheticians in the U. S. improve their businesses. Whether you have your own salon, you work from home, or you are a mobile practitioner, you'll find all kinds of accessories to make your work easier and more efficient on our online store. We invite you to navigate through our website to find out about our inventory and to also discover the large catalog of soft and hard body waxes we sell.

For more information about our waxing accessories, call us at TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or send us your question through the contact form on this page. If you wish to receive information about our next beauty blogs, tips, and maintenance guides for estheticians straight to your inbox, subscribe to our newsletter. Also, don't forget to find us on Facebook as Beauty Image USA, follow us on Twitter @BeautyImageUSA and Instagram @beautyimageusa.
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