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4 Books to Increase Your Esthetician Knowledge

November 02, 2017

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Girl Reading About Waxing AccessoriesBesides practice, the best way to become a good esthetician is by reading. The hair removal industry is constantly growing and changing. Each day, new hair removal techniques come out, different trends catch on, innovative waxing products are launched, and cutting-edge waxing accessories are released. To keep up with the latest in beauty treatments and waxing procedures, you must never stop studying.

While it is true that the internet provides us with a large number of online magazines to stuff our brains with information about beauty treatments, there is nothing like a good book. Today, there are dozens of books that can help you learn about different aspects of cosmetology and hair removal procedures. Here is a list of wonderful books that can help you widen your horizons and become a wiser esthetician.

1. Plucked: A History of Hair Removal – Rebecca M. Herzig

Although it is not immediately evident, history can make you a better esthetician and waxing specialist. It offers you insight on why hair removal is so important in today's world. This book follows the evolution of hair removal from its early beginnings among Native American tribes to the modern techniques we know today. The 280-page book traces the history of "how and for whom body hair became a problem in the first place." The author is a professor and researcher of African-American studies at Bates College in Lewiston, Maine who has taken an interest in studying the impact of hair removal throughout history.

The outcome of Herzig's research is quite interesting: The book talks about hair removal and its relationship with human history, culture, gender perceptions, and sociology. The author, for example, sheds light on how hair removal was used as a coercive interrogation strategy by the U.S. government in the early 2000s and how a TV show changed women's entire perception of body hair. The book might not be about specific waxing instructions or the proper way to use tweezers to pluck eyebrows, but it gives readers a fun and detailed walkthrough of hair removal throughout history. If anything, it will give you interesting facts to entertain your clients with as well as valuable knowledge that every esthetician should have.
Waxing Accessories Related2. Milady's Hair Removal Techniques: A Comprehensive Manual – Helen Bickmore

Perhaps you have encountered several of Milady's books while you were studying to become a professional esthetician. Milady by Cengage Learning is one of the first series of educational books in cosmetology, esthetics, makeup, hair removal, and other disciplines that estheticians must train with. The Milady series has been regarded as an authoritative source for estheticians for generations. In fact, the first book in the series was published in 1938. Milady's Hair Removal Techniques consists of an illustrative guide with basic information and instructions on how to perform the most common hair removal procedures. The book covers more than just waxing procedures and has entire chapters dedicated to modern techniques like electrolysis and laser procedures. Mainly, this is a guide for students to train and memorize, yet it is also a good tool to have for future reference. You'll find recommendations, hygiene tips, photographs, and information on how to follow proper waxing protocols. It's also a great tool to have while preparing to get licensed. The publishing company also has books for cosmetology instructors if you are interested in becoming one.

3. Modern Esthetics: A Scientific Source for Estheticians – Henry J. Gambino

Science and esthetics are more closely related than you might think. Scientific advances have improved the hair removal industry. Even if there is no need for estheticians to completely understand each scientific or medical term related to beauty procedures, it doesn't hurt to have an idea of how certain things work. Have you ever wondered why some chemicals or extracts in beauty products help the skin? Do you want to fully understand how new technology can stop hair growth forever? You will find the answers to these questions and more in this book.

Girl with a Waxing Accesorie's Book4. The Little Book of Skin Care – Charlotte Cho

Being a good esthetician means caring about your clients' skin. Even though many products contain ingredients that reduce the common side effects of hair removal, pulling out hair from the root is still harsh on the skin. Many clients suffer from waxing side effects like red bumps, irritation, and chapped skin, but there are ways to prevent these problems while maintaining glowing skin. Daily and weekly skin routines are a must, and it is your job to advise clients on the best options according to their skin type.
Koreans are known for their devotion to skincare. For them, healthy skin is one of the most important signs of beauty. As a result, their cleaning regimens are copied all over the world. The Little Book of Skin Care is a popular book written by entrepreneur and New York certified esthetician Charlotte Cho. The guide contains instructions and easy-to-follow procedures that will help you achieve radiant skin. It is worth your while to check out this book and familiarize yourself with other aspects of skin care. Thanks to its popularity in the U.S., it is also a good book to have in your waiting room.

Knowledge is power. Reading improves focus, keeps your mind working, and improves your analytical skills. The more you read, the wiser you become—not only as an esthetician, but also as a business person and entrepreneur. If you want to truly learn the ropes of waxing as an esthetic procedure, read every book you can find on the subject!

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