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3 Ways Hard Body Waxes Will Make Nose Waxing Easier

August 30, 2017

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Hard Body Waxes for Nose Waxing Have you ever considered adding nose hair waxing to the list of services you offer at your spa or beauty business? If you're planning to expand your clientele, including nose hair waxing and other kind of facial procedures such as cheek or upper-lip treatments can bring a whole new target to your business. Nasal hair is often perceived as anti-esthetic, which has led to several middle-age business men and women, models, moms, etc. to trim, pluck, or wax the area.
Is nose waxing safe?Professional estheticians use and recommend hard body waxes for treatments on the nose (or any kind of facial waxing for that matter). However, before delving into the best waxing methods for nose hair removal, it is imperative to answer the following question: is it even safe to apply hair removal wax in the nostrils?

Whether it is safe to remove hair inside the nose or not has been a matter of discussion among beauticians, doctors, and the general public. Nasal hair does not exist to make people feel self-conscious, they actually prevent diseases—the nerves around the hair follicles send information to the brain about your environment. More importantly, nasal hair is responsible for keeping bacteria and pollutants from entering our body and causing infections or illnesses.

According to an interview with a New York otolaryngologist carried out by Business Insider Magazine, removing all of the hair inside the nostrils can bring germs and bacteria near the hair follicles, which can lead to infections in the brain. This is exactly why doctors advise leaving those hairs untouched.

In spite of its biological function, people still want to get rid of their nasal hair because it makes them feel uncomfortable or unattractive. Luckily, waxing nose hair isn't dangerous if performed right. Professional estheticians are trained to wax only the visible hairs at the end of the nose, making the procedure safe and effective for the client who wants to get rid of those unsightly, long protruding hairs.

Since we're talking about a highly sensitive area of the body with many blood vessels, nose hair waxing is safest when done by professionals who have mastered the proper techniques and have the right products to reduce pain and prevent injuries. Here's where hard body waxes come into play—they are great to treat hard-to-reach body areas like the nostrils that are also extremely sensitive to pain.
Why use hard wax?
  1. Easy to apply
    Hard wax is also called non-strip wax for a reason; you don't need any kind of fabric cloth to pull the product off of the skin. Using muslin strips for these procedures are not only uncomfortable for both the esthetician and the client, it also causes more pain for the client since strip wax—or soft wax—removes layers of skin when pulled off. With hard wax, you just need to apply a small amount of the paste with the help of a wooden stick, wait for it to harden, and then pull it off. The hair will come straight off and the client will barely feel the pain.

  2. Less pain for the client
    Several characteristics justify the use of hard wax for nose hair waxing. They don't stick to the skin when applied; in other words, they grab the hair without removing several layers of dead skin cells like strip wax does, minimizing the pain of the pull. Also, since this type of wax melts at low temperature, the sensation of heat won't be as noticeable by the client.

  3. Applying Hard Body Wax
  4. Can be used to exfoliate
    Hard wax does not remove layers of dead skin cells as soft waxes do, however, they do take away a slight layer, which counts as a form of exfoliation. Hard wax can even remove blackheads on the nose. As a plus, you can offer exfoliation treatments along with the waxing treatment.
Before starting a nose waxing procedure, make sure you have taken the necessary precautions for a successful treatment. Seek hard waxes that have no fragrance, since some clients might be sensitive to the smell and feel bothered by it. Also, use the ones made for sensitive skin; those are the best hard waxes you can use for this sort of treatment. There are special applicators in the market for this procedure, but you can use wooden spatulas too without a problem.

If you don't know which products to use for nose waxing, we encourage you to try Beauty Image's hard waxes made for sensitive skin, our Glamour beads with Argan Oil melt at a low temperature and can be applied in very thin layers, which make them perfect for non-aggressive procedures in tricky areas like the nostrils. At our online store, you'll find other options for hard waxes from different lines to suit your taste and your clients' needs. If you're looking for hair removal products for more than just nose waxing, we have them for you at Beauty Image—you can choose between sweet fragrance products to non-fragrance ones with natural cleansing and moisturizing properties.

At Beauty Image, we have a wide array of hard body waxes for all kinds of hair removal treatments that you can purchase from the comfort of your home. For more information about our products, payment methods, or shipment options, call us at TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on our website with your questions, we'll be happy to assist you! To keep up to date with our promotions, don't forget to follow us on Facebook at Beauty Image USA, on Twitter @BeautyImageUSA, and on Instagram @beautyimageusa. You can also subscribe to our newsletter.
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