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3 Advantages of Waxing over Epilators

July 19, 2017

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Hair Removal Products Vs. Epilators If you're an active professional esthetician, then you probably have had clients who ask for your opinion regarding epilators. These hair removal machines might appear tempting—just a single investment could give clients a device to remove body hair without much effort. However, these devices have their disadvantages, which is why estheticians don't use them for their professional services. Epilators might seem convenient and practical, yet they haven't been able to overthrow waxing as one of the most popular hair removal products or methods in the market. Here is why:
  1. Waxing hurts less
    In case you didn't know, an epilator removes hair by pulling it out with a system composed of electronic tweezers that rotate, plucking the hair from the root. Nowadays, one can find epilators with 20 or 40 tweezers, hypo-allergic discs for sensitive skin, or ice caps to soothe the skin after. It sounds perfect, right?

    However, the procedure tends to hurt more than a regular waxing session. If plucking one hair with a tweezer sometimes hurts too much (especially in the bikini area), imagine how much pain several tweezers continuously pulling out hairs can be. Besides, the user might require multiple passes to remove all the hair in one area, depending on the quality of the machine and the thickness of the hair—some devices are not good at pulling out thin hairs.

    Professional waxing, on the other hand, is quicker and more efficient at removing all hair in just one go. The pain lasts seconds, while with an epilator it might take the tweezers several minutes to pull out every hair. A high percentage of clients prefer waxing just because they cannot withstand pain caused by epilators.

  2. Less chance of ingrown hairs
    People who frequently use epilators have said that ingrown hairs are a common side effect of this procedure. Certainly, all hair removal methods can cause ingrown hairs, but they tend to appear more in people who use this machine, probably due to poor technique.

    Estheticians know that the best way to prevent ingrown hairs is to exfoliate on a regular basis. This is when waxing's exfoliating effect becomes handy—as you well know, when you pull off the wax from the skin, it removes a layer of dead skin cells. Although just this single exfoliation doesn't prevent ingrown hairs for good, it helps keep the skin healthy. For this particular reason, waxing is, besides a hair removal procedure, a beauty treatment for the client. Whether we're talking about the bikini area, the legs, or the arms, the skin will feel smoother and softer after a wax than after using an epilator.

  3. Woman with Smooth Legs by Hair Removal Products
  4. The procedure is faster
    Waxing both legs with an epilator might take 40 to 60 minutes, depending on the quality of the machine, the pain threshold of the user, and the skill to maneuver the machine. The process takes longer than waxing because it pulls out the hair little by little and requires the user to slowly pass the device over the area, sometimes twice to remove remaining hair. Professional waxing, on the contrary, removes hair in much larger sections in a matter of seconds. In the hands of a skilled waxing professional, legs can be completely fuzz free in less than 30 minutes, and there is no need to apply wax in the same area twice.
Just as a person who waxes regularly should never shave between sessions, the same goes with epilators. If a client asks you whether it's okay to use this machine before the next waxing appointment, advise them not to. Removing hair with this machine might irritate the skin and make the next waxing session impossible or extra painful. Epilators are harsh on the skin, and makes it prone to ingrown hairs, redness, and inflammation.

Every hair removal method has its pros and cons; it's up to the person to decide which one works best for their skin. Epilators do bring some benefits for which women and men are fascinated about. People prefer it over home waxing because is less messy, one switch turns on the device and starts plucking hairs. Waxing, on the other hand, requires a slightly more elaborate protocol, but it's not complicated. For those who are just too shy for a waxing salon and cannot master home waxing, epilators are an option they can rely on and that can provide long-lasting results. It's also an alternative for those who cannot fit regular professional waxing into their budget, since an epilator is a one-time investment and monthly waxing may cost too much.

Regardless, it's essential to highlight why professional estheticians shouldn't rely on epilators to treat their clients. These devices were introduced to the market as an item for domestic use only; in other words, they are not manufactured for professional services. An epilator doesn't pamper the skin as hard or soft waxes do. Waxes come with nourishing properties to hydrate and exfoliate the skin or to reduce the common inflammation after a hair removal procedure. Use high quality beauty products that would make your clients never want to go back to other types of hair removal.

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