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2 Essentials for Your Beauty Salon: Skin Chocotherapy Kits and Soft Body Waxes

April 28, 2016

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The skin is one of the most important organs in our body, and taking care of it is essential for keeping in good health and looking beautiful. It is very exposed to many damaging agents like dirt, water, smoke, and more. Having the right protection against these agents and finding a good way of repair it and keep it healthy are two of the highest priorities for someone who cares about their long-lasting appearance. The line of products from Beauty Image is one the most complete in the market in it, you can find anything you need to take good care of your skin. Two kinds of products that stand out because of their high quality and growing popularity are chocotherapy and Soft Body Waxes. Both kinds of products are very popular here at Beauty Image.

Soft Body Waxes are products that are meant to make a painful hair removal process easier. For a good wax, the goal should not be simply to help ease the hair removal procedure, but also to give extra benefits like relieving the pain, having long lasting effects, being affordable, etc. The Soft Body Waxes from Beauty Image have their own features that distinguish them from others brands. For example, they do not contain Paraffin, and for this reason they melt on a lower temperature, making them for suitable for all kinds of skin. The low melting point also makes it gentler to apply, and it doesn't leave any residue behind, so you don't have to clean anything. Beauty Image has a complete line of Soft Body Waxes for any waxing spa or salon that might be interested in carrying a better variety of products.

Chocotherapy is a new skincare process that consists of massaging chocolate over the skin. The properties of chocolate for aesthetics have only recently been discovered. This sweet ingredient can moisturize the skin, improve the metabolism, fight the aging process, and it also has relaxing effects. Not all the effects of the chocolate are physical it also influences the person mentally, because it causes you to produce endorphins that can be a good relief from the pain. Beauty Image has an excellent series of Chocotheraphy products, like Choco Ice, that help to minimize the negative effects of waxing. The Choco Wax Roll-on doesn't contain paraffin and leaves no residue after gentle hair removal, and the Chocofango Kit contains a sample of all the products and gives a complete treatment. Beauty Image has all these products for anyone who wants to buy them. They are also ideal for any aesthetic professional who wishes to carry them in their establishment. Just like the Soft Body Wax line, these Chocotherapy products are available at Beauty Image for any individual, spa, or other aesthetic business that wants to try them.

Being presentable is one of the most important qualities for a person to be considered successful nowadays. The Chocotherapy and Soft Body Wax lines are essentials for not only taking care of the skin, but for health in general. Good skin means good health! Their properties of hydration, relaxation, antioxidants, and ability to help build your confidence in your appearance in general make them essentials for every person who wants to stand out from the crowd. Look young, no matter your age or level of fatigue. Be the person who everybody looks at. If you want to try out these products, or if you need more information, just visit the contact section and Beauty Image will contact you as soon as possible. For questions or concerns, give us a call at TOLL FREE 1-888-513-8815. Follow us on social media: visit Beauty Image on Facebook and Instagram for more tips, deals, and updates.
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