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10 Things You Don't Know About Soft Body Waxes

October 24, 2019

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Soft Body WaxesMost of us know that there are different types of wax: hard wax beads, roll-on cartridges, pre-waxed strips, and then there's soft wax, one of the most common and oldest types. Soft wax is more than cans with pretty colored waxes, and using it takes a few technical details to enhance the process. Today we're going to learn a few tips you didn't know about soft body waxes so you can boost your wax culture and knowledge!

1. It has a list of beneficial ingredients that make it special.

Your soft body waxes are especially concocted to have a creamy and sticky consistency that allows hair removal and give your skin some benefits. Some of the most common ingredients are:

Mica: gives consistency and sometimes an attractive shimmery pigmentation to the wax, apart from leaving skin glowing.

Titanium dioxide: meant to make the skin and the product brighter, this ingredient ensures your wax leaves skin smooth and glowing.

Glyceryl rosinate: this derivative from rosins provides the wax with adhesive power, texture and consistency.

Soy derivatives: some waxes contain this ingredient to brighten the skin and decrease pot-wax redness.

Argan oil, coconut oil, and other essential oils: naturally extracted oils are a must in many soft waxes because they make the skin soft and hydrated.

Soft Body Waxes on an Arm

2. It has to be applied super thinly.

Soft body waxes should be applied in a really thin strip; otherwise, it'll be really hard to remove. This is because its sticky, glue-like consistency. Now, because of the fact that it should be applied thinly, you need to use only a small amount of wax.

Tip: Firmly pressing down with the spatula in the direction of hair growth, stretch the wax in a swift motion over a medium-sized area to get the best coverage of wax.

3. You can only go over an area with soft wax once.

Soft wax sticks directly to the skin, which means that when the muslin strip goes on top and you rip it out, you'll pull the skin and the hair at the same time. The skin lifting that soft wax creates can over-sensitize skin, so applying soft wax to the same area more than once can mean lifting and grazing the skin. Ouch!

Soft Body Waxes Strip

4. You should apply good pressure when putting the strip on top of the soft wax.

If the wax strip is not pressed on the skin sufficiently, you'll have trouble getting the wax to actually rip hair off. hair removal might come out uneven, and you don't want that! Put enough pressure and you'll be good to go.

5. It looks more liquid than hard wax.

Soft wax has a, well, softer texture. It melts more quickly than hard wax and turns out runnier.

6. It is more cost-efficient than hard wax.

The price of soft wax is better compared to hard wax. Also, you need to use less soft wax than hard wax per service.

Soft Body Wax Can

7. It leaves a sticky residue.

Because of its components and texture, soft wax leaves a sticky residue on the skin. Using a post-depilatory lotion, oil, or sherbet is absolutely necessary after soft wax to make sure the client feels clean and fresh.

If you leave the sticky residue, clothes or skin can be stuck together and it might be uncomfortable to pull them apart.

8. You can use muslin strips to remove stray hairs or sticky residue.

Muslin strips make it easy to go over stray hairs that didn't get removed with the first pull. Just stick the strip on them and pull again. The same goes for waxy residue. However, don't expect the muslin strip to remove all the residue because it won't happen.

Soft Body Waxes Complements

9. Roll-on cartridges are another type of soft wax.

Don't let the container confuse you: roll-on wax is soft wax, just like the one that comes in a can. To use it, you should follow the same tips you do when using soft wax from the can. Use strips to remove the wax, apply thinly (the cartridge helps with this), and follow all other recommendations.

10. Soft wax needs complements.

Even if you have already found high-quality soft waxes, you'll have to invest on a few essential accessories for soft wax treatments:

Wax warmer: we recommend getting a professional warmer that fits soft wax cans. Professional warmers are specially designed to melt wax at optimal temperature, and what's more important, evenly. The uneven melting you could get in a microwave or the stove can lead to the wax not getting the correct consistency, which would make it go brittle or work less effectively.

Musiln Strips for Soft Body WaxesMuslin strips: this type of paper roll has the correct texture to adhere to soft wax and lift hairs without being ripped. It also allows you to clean up the area.
Spatulas: these instruments allow you to spread the wax on the treated area. You can find different sizes and edges (round or square) for more accurate application on different areas. Wooden spatulas are the most common type.
Solvent cleaner: soft wax can cause drips and stains, but because of its sticky nature, it cannot be cleaned off with just any regular cleanser. You'll need a gentle yet effective liquid that removes any residue from the warmer and surfaces like vinyl, flooring, and furniture. Try this special cleanser, which has a very pleasant lemon fragrance.

Hopefully, you have learned some useful things you didn't know about soft wax. We're here to make your waxing treatments better. For professional soft waxes, you can look to Beauty Image; our wide array of waxes and waxing products is available! Offer your clients only high quality; call TOLL FREE 888-513-8815 or fill out the contact form on this page to get in touch with us. Also, subscribe to our newsletter to get the latest news about us right in your inbox.
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